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How to Get Your Man to Propose

I may not be great at many things, but one thing that I am good at in life is getting married. I have never had to chase men and I have always married the guy I truly wanted. I do not waste my time with run of the mill men and I married my first husband at 21. He was from a wealthy family and basically a very moral and sweet person who was considered a good catch. I did outgrow him after 10 years though, and was then quickly swept off my feet by a Dentist who romanced me by flying me to Catalina for lunch, and buying me cars, jewelry, and clothes. After 5 years of marriage, I got tired of him and then moved on to a sophisticated, handsome, down to earth and trustworthy man.

While many girls desperately try to get one guy to marry them, I have had men proposing and generally being sweet to me all my life. I only hit one snag in a relationship and took note of what I had done wrong. I actually was able to fix the damage, and get what I wanted in the long run. But I will never forget that lesson. It was the simple foundation that I always preach to women; don’t have sex too early in a relationship and be a lady first, and a sexy girl second.

I have many friends and they all marvel at how I have always had a good man by my side. Not one moment of my adult life has been as a single woman. This is precisely why I have spent the past ten years helping other women in their relationships. I regularly get phone calls from women who are distraught because their boyfriend of five months just took a powder on them.

My own personal success in relationships is not simply luck and it is not because I am drop dead gorgeous. It is because of my aura, personality and the general feeling men get when they are in my presence.

Simply knowing what these traits are will help you in your future relations with men.

There are traits that men value and are more willing to go out of their way for, and there are traits that send men away quickly. Trust me on this one. Even if you are beautiful, men will dump you if you seem to be cheap and basically “nothing special.”

One of the most important things to remember is that you need to be exclusive in every way. That means that you should never move in with a man. Most women who move in with their boyfriends either never get married or they take a lot longer to get to the altar. The reason is, the importance of marriage becomes left in the background. You are already living together and therefore why get married? The coming together of your lives should be synonymous with marriage.

What Makes Some Women Appear Cheap?

Some women simply carry themselves in a common manner by using foul language, even sitting or standing like a man can lead others to view you as a messy, or sloppy girl. Ask yourself if you come across as a woman of elegance and poise or if you simply look unkempt and slovenly. When a man takes an interest in you do you get into bed with him right away or do you date him and make him get to know you before deciding if he is worth your time?

If you want to get married and better yet, if you want to¬†marry a millionaire or billionaire, you should do something to make yourself look special in his eyes, and there is nothing that says, “I am a dime- a dozen loser who nobody wants” like getting into bed with a guy after less that 10 dates.

The courtship process should be relished and romantic because this is truly an important time for your guy. He wants to ultimately believe that you are picky, moral and unwilling to let just any guy into your life. He wants to date a woman who considers letting a man become intimate with her a very big deal, so great a deal that it is hard for her to decide that this is the one.The challenge to his ego is often enough to make him swoon over you.

The man wants to go home from a date believing that he is starting to get closer to you and wondering if he ever will be able to see him as a man worth your intimacy, and when you finally do become an intimate couple he will always cherish and feel boosted by the fact that he was able to finally win you.

There is no substitute for this feeling.

Make Him Change His Mind

It is a lot easier to get a guy interested and hold him there than it is to remake a man. Meaning if you are starting off fresh with a guy you have a lot more leverage than you think.

If you have been with a guy for a long time and he does not respect you, chances are he will not ever be the guy you want.

If you have been with a guy for many years and you want to get married while he is procrastinating, then you should really make some positive changes in yourself while at the same time, you need to be open to other men. If a guy is not committing to you it is wise to know that he is not very into you, because if he were, he would have made a commitment to you and your relationship would have progressed.

No excuses.

Don’t let a silly lie that he tells keep you at bay. That lie is, ” I am not ready for a commitment yet.” That actually means, “I don’t want to commit to you” and you should hear it that way. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen guys string women along with this lie, and then suddenly he gets another girl and is married in a few months. Don’t be fooled.

Become a Femme Fatale, not a Fatal Female

Of course having sex appeal is going to get you noticed and thought about a great deal, but being raunchy, dirty or overtly sexual will make them want to love you and leave you.

Being exclusive, intelligent, reserved and in general, a good girl with sex appeal will make you irresistible, but go easy on the sexy and if you are unsure, leave it out all together. Contrary to what many women believe, the good girl virgin traits are more important than the sexy side. The sexy part can intimidate men or even worse, lead him to believe that you are cheap. The last thing you want to do is find yourself having to defend your virtue over something minor. Men can be very judgmental and will begin to get ideas about you very quickly. Don’t be afraid of seeming like a prude, be more afraid of coming across too streetwise and experienced.

About the author: Diane H. Wong is a content writer and family coach. Besides, she is a research paper writer at Do My Writing service so she prefers to spend her spare time working out family issues solutions. In this case, she has an opportunity to share her experience with others and keep up with advancing technologies.