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How To Get Fit for Your Wedding!
Tips from Personal Trainer Nicole Donahue

By Cassie Galasetti

Every bride and groom wants to look their absolute best on their wedding day. Not only do you want to look great, but being healthier on your big day gives you more energy, helping you to get through the planning process and making your wedding that much better!

But how do you add the ideal exercise regimen to your daily life when you’ve already got so much to do?

Elegant Bridal Productions had the pleasure of speaking with Nicole Donahue, Certified Functional Strength Coach, who gives the low down on everything from when to start exercising to tricks on keeping the weight off. Read on below!

Elegant Bridal: How far in advance before the wedding should brides and grooms start exercising?
Nicole Donahue: Since owning my own training business, Strength in Motion, I have had the pleasure of working with many bride-to-be’s who are looking to tone up or lose weight for their big day. I usually tell them it’s best to start exercising at least 6-8 months before their wedding day. Even just 20 minutes a day will kick-start your metabolism and get you headed in the right direction.

EB: How often should they exercise?
ND: If you’re really serious about toning and/or losing weight I recommend exercising 3-4x a week. Some women I train with go hard 5x a week (3 strength days and 2 cardio days). It really depends on what your overall goal is.

EB: How do they stay motivated with all of the planning that needs to get done for the big day?
ND: Brides are intrinsically motivated when they get engaged because they want to look good for the big day. If they are not motived on their own, I recommend finding someone to help them along their fitness journey who will hold them accountable, like a friend or family member that will commit to working out with them regularly. The other option is finding a personal trainer who can keep you on track. These options seem to work best because no one wants to cancel on a friend or a trainer who will be waiting for them!

EB: What’s the right amount of cardio and strength training they should do each week?
ND: I recommend 3-4x a week for results. I do have some clients who will workout with me 3x a week and do 2 other days of cardio on their own by mixing in cycling or running. It’s good to supplement with an additional activity that you enjoy. It will keep you motivated and inspired.

EB: Do you have some general tips and tricks to stay healthy each day?
ND: Consistency is key when wanting to lose weight, stay healthy, or look fit. Other tips include staying hydrated and the big one…eating healthy. The greatest trick for keeping the weight off is preparation. Meal prepping for the week ahead is huge! You won’t get side tracked on what to eat, when to eat or how much to eat, because it’s all been laid out for you. Prepping not only helps you stay on target, but helps regulate portion control (and even helps you save money!) There are a ton of delicious recipes online, from chicken to steak (and yes, “cheat meals” too!) Be sure to make every workout count! Show up with intention to be the best ever day.

More Info
Visit njstrengthinmotion.com to learn more about Nicole. She offers affordable training in her home gym in Wall Township or can travel to your home. Can’t beat that!