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How-To: DIY Decor Ideas

When it comes to planning weddings, there are so many details that are incorporated into guaranteeing a perfect day. This is the one day that a couple doesn’t have to sacrifice or compromise on anything. To ensure this, commit to the “do-it-yourself” approach. Here are a few ideas that you can incorporate into any theme and color scheme you are going towards for the special day. 

Ceremony Decor

Ceremony decorations are not usually something on the top of wedding to-do lists, based on the venue. Today, having wedding ceremonies outside is a massive trend for couples. When being outside, it’s a clean slate. You can do anything with the space to make it feel how you wish. One way to add some glam is by having decor line the aisle. For example, if it is a fall wedding, a pumpkin could be placed at the end of each row. Also, flowers could be hung decoratively on the last chair, as well. Lastly, you could creatively label seats designated for specific people. One option is using decorative picture frames with signs stating who the chair is for; “Mother of the bride” or “Grandfather of the groom.” Set the frames on the individual’s seat or have them tied to the back with themed ribbon or twine.

Seating Charts

Typically, every person on your guest list has a specific figure or card with their name on it that articulates what table they are instructed to sit. A popular trend for weddings is having one poster stating each table with the people who are at it. Such as writing “table one” with all the guests written below it for that table and so forth. This way it will take up less time as well as be budget-friendly. There are many ways to do this, one being with a foam-poster board and using stencils to write. You could also use different sized photo frames, one being for each table, and then gluing them together to make a collage. Lastly, you could find an old mirror and write the table numbers and guests with a gold or silver marker. Depending on your theme and imagination, the options are endless.


Hiring a florist to create your centerpieces is something of the past. Wedding centerpieces are the one detail to allow your theme and interests to come to life. Couples have gotten incredibly creative in the category of DIY wedding centerpieces. There are ones made from wooden hexagons, spraypainting different glass bottles, and having some simple greenery. There are so many options to choose from! One option that is simple to make and will mesh well with any theme is spray painting different vases to show geometric patterns. Take painters tape to create varying lines and shapes on glasses. Then, spray paint with the desired color. Once dried, remove the tape to reveal what you’ve created. This adds a little more design to your tables and can be paired with almost anything else you hope to have on them.

Table Numbers

The next area of decor for weddings are the table numbers. They are another aspect of weddings that people have gotten very imaginative. When it comes to wedding planning, picking where you want everyone to sit is a crucial and strenuous part. You want your guests to enjoy their time at your wedding, and seating them with the right people will only make it better. Knowing how important this is, it’s a breath of fresh air to make DIY table numbers. Again, depending on your theme, there is a pool of options. Some include painting wine bottles with chalk paint, using a gift label and attaching it to the centerpiece, or framing greenery and writing the number with gold or silver paint on the outside. The decision is yours, have fun while you’re doing it!

Start planning for your wedding as soon as you possibly can to ensure you will have enough time to make all of the little details come to life. Your wedding day is you and your significant other’s one day to dive deep into wedding trends that you want to come to life. Using a little bit of creativity to make essential parts of your wedding decor will only make it all come together even more perfectly!