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How to Avoid Unnecessary Wedding Drama

When people talk about weddings, they usually mention cheesy phrases such as “It is the most beautiful day of your life.” Somehow, in between the clichés, they forget to mention the stress that comes with trying to plan everything, the fighting with your family, and the gigantic pimple that somehow turns up on your forehead on the day of your wedding.

While people made all those comedies about weddings, we are more prone to say that weddings are drama at its core. However, not all the wedding hysteria and anxiety are unavoidable. Here are some tips that will help you prevent a part of that drama and enjoy what should be the most beautiful day of your life.

Don’t do everything on your own

“If you want something done well, do it yourself,” is a mantra many brides-to-be are using when planning their wedding. However, this is the mantra that will cause you to burn out, make mistakes, be nervous and exhausted on your big day. 

Hiring a wedding planner who understands your needs and wishes is the best way to go. But if this is not an option for you, you can also gather a group of trustworthy friends and family members and delegate some of the responsibilities for them (such as sending out the invitations, choosing a florist, etc.).

Start early with the planning

Squeezing all the tasks into a couple of months prior to the wedding day is a huge stressor for everyone. If you begin with the planning a year before the date, you will have all the time in the world to carefully go through the potential wedding photographer portfolio, convenient venues, wedding dress salons, caterers, bands, DJs, and similar. Also, you will have time to compare prices and negotiate better deals. 

Don’t be afraid to say “No”

In the process of planning a wedding, many people, including your mother, your partner’s mother, sisters, aunts, and friends, will want to give you advice. Sometimes, their tips will come in handy, while on other occasions, they will just annoy you. 

You need to bear in mind that this is your day and that all the important decisions should be made by you and your future spouse. Instead of waiting for a breakdown, when you’ll end up shouting at all these people, have an honest conversation with them at the very beginning of the planning process. Let them know early on that you appreciate their opinion, but that you will not always need it.

Communicate with your future spouse

Planning a wedding doesn’t concern only you. It’s your partner’s day just as much as it is yours. The stress, exhaustion, frustration, and anxiety will continue to grow as the date is approaching, which can lead to problems in your relationship. Since this is the person you’re planning to spend the rest of your life with, make sure that you’re both on the same page concerning the wedding and your relationship. Talk about what troubles you and find a solution together – look at this as a marriage test.

The guest list and the seating arrangement

Parents will often insist you invite some cousin who they know very well, but you’ve seen him once in your entire lifetime. You will consider it your obligation to invite the high school friend who invited you to her wedding. But before you do so, ask yourself two questions: Will these people be happy for you on your big day? Will you be happy to see them there? If the answer to both these questions is no, then you know what you need to do. 

The seating chart plays a big role in the wedding day drama, so make sure to take into account all the unresolved family dramas and ex relationships.

Take care of yourself and enjoy

Remember that giant pimple we mentioned at the beginning of the post? Well, be sure it won’t happen to you by visiting a trusted cosmetician a couple of days before the event. 

Most importantly, don’t forget that you are the priority on the big day. And not only your hair, makeup, and dress. Many future spouses forget to eat during the hassle of their day. So “employ” one of your friends to remind you that you should grab a snack from time to time. Delegate the responsibility of coordinating everything to the wedding planner, family member, or a friend, and enjoy every little detail, from reading the vows to the first dance.

Your wedding can and should be the most beautiful day of your life. Do everything within your power to make it so by avoiding the anxiety and drama we usually associate with this event.