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How To Ask for Money Instead of Wedding Gifts

As people increasingly wait longer to get married, the need for some traditional wedding gifts is diminishing. Whether you already live with your partner or you’ve already had your own place for a while before marriage, you may not need glasses, towels and dishes anymore. Many couples would rather have money that they can use to buy or improve a house, put towards their honeymoon, pay off student loans and more. Here’s how to ask for money instead of gifts for your wedding.

Create Cash Funds

Some more traditional guests may struggle with the idea of not giving a physical gift. One thing that can help is telling them exactly what you plan to use the money for. Many wedding websites will allow you to set up custom cash funds that guests can contribute to. You could create funds for the honeymoon, student loans, hiring pool builders near me to install a pool at your house, savings to purchase your first home or even money to pay for the wedding itself. Your guests will love knowing your financial goals and being able to help with them!

Register for Gift Cards

Most guests will purchase gifts from your wedding registry, so you may as well use it to get cash. Create registries on websites that offer large varieties of products, such as Amazon, that you use all the time and register for gift cards. Then you’ll have credit at those stores that you can use for your next purchases, saving you cash later.

Ask for Cash

It’s becoming increasingly more common for couples to directly ask for cash on save the dates and wedding invitations. Where you would typically include registry information, just put a note politely asking that guests give your cash or checks rather than gifts. You can even include what you plan to use it for or write a cute poem. If you don’t feel comfortable sending this to every guest, include it on invitations for more intimate gatherings, such as a bridal shower.

Have a Money Jar

Including a jar or box for cash on your gift table at the reception is a great way to ask for money without having to ask directly. You can even label it as a honeymoon fund. One great thing about this idea is that your guests won’t feel pressured to give anything. By the time of the reception, most guests will have already sent you a gift or card or brought one with them, so contributing cash would just be icing on the cake!

Have a Money Dance

A money dance will help get you some cash and make a fun game out of it for your guests. Attendees can put money in a jar to get a dance with the bride or groom. They’ll be thrilled to get a minute of time alone with you on your big day, and it’ll allow you some extra time to chat with your loved ones one-on-one.

Have a Cheaper Wedding

If you’re paying for your own wedding, saving money on the event will be just as good as receiving money from guests, and this way, you don’t have to ask. There are tons of ways to save money planning your special day! Inviting less guests, having the reception at a time of day where a meal isn’t needed, making your own decorations, having cupcakes instead of a cake and creating a playlist instead of hiring a DJ are just a few or the ways you can save some serious money. After all, a penny saved is a penny earned.

There are plenty of ways to ask for money instead of wedding gifts without offending your guests. Try creating specific cash funds, registering for gift cards, asking for cash directly, having a money jar or having a money dance. If those ideas aren’t for you, try to save some money by having a less expensive wedding.