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How to Apply Long Lasting Makeup for Your Wedding Day

If your wedding day is just around the corner, you probably have plenty on your plate; from organizing the catering all the way to coming up with the perfect look, a bride has a long to-do list. However, it is more than possible to do your own bridal makeup, it only takes a little preparation and some tips up your sleeve to have the perfect long-lasting look that will withstand the tears. Here are a few of those tips!

1. The base is everything

The thing about preparing for your wedding day makeup look is that you shouldn’t start it the night before. The key to having the perfect makeup actually does not lie in the makeup itself, but in the canvas that you will be using. So, as early as months prior to the big day, schedule visits to your trusted beauticians and get facials that will ensure your foundation will have the perfect base to stick to. Make sure you don’t lose sleep despite all the stress that comes with wedding preparations, drink a lot of water, and use the right products for your skin type in the long term.

2. Preparing the canvas

When it is time to put on the makeup, you should start with prepping your skin. Wash, cleanse and exfoliate your skin, then apply your toner and moisturizer. If your skin is on the oilier side, go easy on the moisturizer. Then, make sure you apply primer before going in with your foundation. The right primer will not only make the surface of your skin smooth but it will also make your makeup more long-lasting. Choose a mattifying one to combat oily skin. Only then should you apply your (preferably waterproof) foundation. Steer clear of foundation and makeup in general with SPF for your wedding day as it doesn’t go well with flash photography. For blemishes and any other imperfections, a cream concealer will do better than a liquid one.

3. The mirror to the soul

Of course, the focus of your makeup look will be your eyes. Make sure you try out several looks in the weeks leading up to your wedding so that you know exactly what fits your eye shape without being overwhelming. When it comes to eye makeup, it is advised that you use a separate primer for your lids that will ensure your eye shadow stays put throughout the day. When it comes to your lashes, don’t go for anything less than waterproof mascara, although, you can steer clear of the entire ordeal of dealing with sticky mascara by getting eyelash extensions that will look amazing without having to do anything with them (and they will also serve you well after your wedding day).

4. Ready for the kiss

Finally, you also want your lipstick to last throughout the day, and arguably, this is the most difficult part of your makeup look. Lipstick is always the first thing to come off as soon as you take a sip of water, so you should take extra care at this step. Firstly, start by using a lip liner on your entire lips. This will create a good base for the lipstick. Alternatively, you can also go for a lip stain if you are not that big on lipstick. Lip stain will not require you to keep reapplying it throughout the day, so it’s a great solution if you want to worry less about your makeup and just have fun. Finally, forget about lip gloss as it will be gone in the blink of an eye.

5. Done and ready!

When you’re finally done, it is time to set everything and you’re ready for your big day! A setting spray or powder is a must so find the one that fits your needs best. It is also a great idea to slip some blotting tissues in your purse so that you can quickly blot away any oil that seeps through your makeup throughout the day!

We all want to look perfect on our wedding days, but in the end, what matters most is that you feel great and feel beautiful, so just do what you like and it will surely show when people see you glowing with happiness.

With these simple tips you can have a long lasting makeup and you will shine bright like a diamond.


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