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0329The most important part of your wedding day is being able to enjoy it.  With so much planning and stress leading up to your special day, you want to be able to have fun with your family and friends once the day actually comes.   On your wedding day you and your bridal party will look absolutely gorgeous, so why not take some fun pictures on top of the traditional photos to capture you looking stunning in that dress but also having a great time?  For example, many bridal parties take pictures of everyone jumping in the air, making a certain face, or simply making different funny poses.  Other couples want to take pictures with a city skyline or in front of a certain building to show where they are from or plan to live.  Even more different, some couples take pictures with a football field or beach background to commemorate where or how they first met.

Be creative!  Having trust in your photographer to take the perfect shot is one thing, but before your wedding day talk to your photographer about any special shots you plan to take.  If you are struggling for ideas or want to make sure your picture will turn out the way you planned, hiring an experienced wedding photographer will allow a professional to be able to advise you on what will work best.  They can also share previous photos they’ve taken for other weddings that may inspire you for that dream picture of your wedding party.