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Finding That Perfect Dress to Match Your Engagement Ring and Personal Style

Getting engaged and planning a wedding requires so many decisions, some of which will be on your overall look, attire and aesthetic for the day. You will want to ensure that you have an ideal curation of colors, textures and styles to achieve your look; however, this can be overwhelming to develop a cohesive and clearly defined look. If you need some assistance in the design department, here are a few tips to help you ensure that you have a cohesive style throughout all aspects of your big day, from ring to dress to you.

Ball Gowns

If you are someone who has always looked for that picture-perfect princess moment, ball gowns are a great place to start. While ball gowns typically encompass a more elegant, upscale event style, the fabric and neckline make a big difference in your overall look. Try matching your ball gown to a classic cut ring featuring a solitaire diamond or for a fancier aesthetic, a solitary diamond and halo. Regardless of your style of engagement rings, a ball gown can showcase this beautifully.

Vintage Dresses

If you are someone who prefers a vintage style, you can choose a gown that matches your vintage engagement ring. Whether you have a ring that features deco design, Milgrain detailing or an Ascher or marquise cut, a vintage gown that calls to art deco, sleeves draping fabric or unique beading, this can be the perfect way to highlight your unique style.

Contemporary, Sleekness

For the brides out there that prefer a sleeker, trendier look, a classic ring with an ornate setting or a clean channel setting may be a great fit. Whether you prefer a diamond cut like a princess, round or something that truly makes a statement like a marquise cut, you may want to consider pairing this with a mermaid or trumpet style dress. This figure-hugging style will be sure to give you the sexy, jaw-dropping look that you have always wanted while fitting perfectly into the hottest trends.

Delicate Lace

For a more feminine look, you may want to pair your delicate Milgrain detailing or accent diamonds with delicate lace. Whether you have a diamond band, delicate detailing or a uniquely twisted setting, these accentuate the lace detailing of a wedding gown perfectly. If you prefer something ornate and soft, this may be a great option for your style.


For the bride that wants to truly be the star of the show, you will want a show-stopping dress to match your eye-catching ring. Detailing is key for this style. Everything from unique features to intricate beading to all gemstones can be the perfect adornment for your bold, statement-making dress.

Themes and Overall Aesthetic

If you want to achieve the look that you have always dreamed of, you need to ensure that your vision is cohesive throughout the event. This includes your overall wedding theme and aesthetic. Having a casual daytime wedding versus an elegant evening affair have a very different look and feel. By tying your dress into the theme of your wedding, you can ensure that you pull everything together into one look.

Ask the Professionals

If you aren’t sure where to start, you can always rely on the professionals. While they are often sales representatives trying to sell you on a product, they also can provide you with valuable information and help you hone your look. Everything from finding the right wedding dress style to deciding on the day’s colors to choosing your wedding band can be decisions that you consult your pros on. If you have the funds to hire a wedding planner they can provide you with their eye for design. They can help you bring the whole day together, don’t panic, you don’t need to be a wedding planner to ensure that your day comes together beautifully.

Putting together a beautifully arranged and designed event is within your grasp. Regardless of what your experience is with wedding design, you too have a breathtaking and beautiful time. Take your time, do your research and start brainstorming and you will be sure to find the look that fits perfectly into your big day.