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Features to Look For in a Wedding Venue

Weddings are a beautiful time for two souls to come together. The opportunity to celebrate this love with friends, family and your communities is a magnificent moment; however, it does require a significant amount of planning. If you want to host the celebration of a lifetime, finding the right wedding venue is a major part of this process. If you want to find the perfect place for you and your significant other, make sure that you check out these features and services.

Renewable Energy

For the environmentally-conscious couple, you may be anxious about the amount of waste and environmental harm that event planning can lead to. While this is often a common result from large scale events like weddings, more and more venues are looking to incorporate greener practice. Whether they use renewable energy sources with a solar panel system, compost their waste or offer more eco-friendly services, there are venues out there that cater to your needs.

Full Service

If you are looking to reduce the amount of day-of travel that you, your significant other and your guests will need to manage, you may want to look for a full-service wedding venue. There are plenty of wedding venues that offer both ceremony and reception services so that you remain in the same place for all of the day’s festivities. If you do not plan to have a religious ceremony or a particular place that you want to exchange vows, this can oftentimes streamline the process and reduce stress on the day. Make sure that the location and style of the venue match what you are looking for on your big day.

In-House Vendors

Many wedding venues have specific rules and regulations about the vendors that they allow in their space. If you have specific vendors in mind or have a strict budget, going with a restrictive venue may be less desirable. Vendor selection and the venue often have one of the most substantial impacts on your budget, so make sure that you understand your budget and the vendors’ availability before selecting your date.

Availability of The Space

While many couples realize that the availability of the venue and potential vendors will impact their decision, many couples don’t realize the key questions of how long the venue is available to you. There are often time restrictions around when you can start setting up, breaking down and when you can access the space which are all essential factors to know before putting down a deposit.

Backup Plan

Many couples are opting for outdoor ceremonies and receptions. Having nature as a backdrop highlights the beauty of the grounds and the natural elements accentuate bridal parties perfectly; however, the venue should have a backup plan. Knowing that there is a backup plan can leave you feeling calm and assured that things will run smoothly regardless of what mother nature has in store.

Venue Coordinator

While not a feature of the space itself or the event, a venue coordinator is an important element. Having someone on the day to help you navigate challenges and who knows the grounds and vendors can be critical to helping you pull everything together. Not only can this person troubleshoot issues on the big day, but they can also play an important role as you make decisions. As you decide on your wedding venue, a venue coordinator can be an important asset.


Another facet of wedding venues is the amount of privacy that you will have on the wedding day. While some couples are perfectly happy to be surrounded by strangers and onlookers, others would detest this idea. As you decide on your venue, make sure that you understand the level of privacy that each location can offer so that you can factor this into your decision.

Picking a wedding venue is one of the biggest choices that you will make during the wedding planning process. Finding the perfect spot to say I do is a must, so make sure that you take time to explore the different features, strengths and challenges at each location before you sign on the dotted line.