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Place on the Lake
The Place on the Lake offers a gracious ballroom, beautifully manicured grounds and a gorgeous lakeside reception area. Exclusively yours, The Place on the Lake hosts only one wedding at a time so that you can be assured of the undivided attention you deserve and memories you will cherish forever.

Our venue is also the perfect place for more of your special events…Come celebrate with us for Anniversaries, Christenings, Communions, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Junior & Senior Proms, Graduations, Engagements, Baby & Bridal Showers, Birthdays, Fundraisers, Retirement Celebrations, Class & Family Reunions, Sweet Sixteens, Quinceaneras, and more!  Place on the Lake Website

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VIP Santos Limos
The best day of your life deserves the best ride of your life. Your Wedding Day is a day that you have been dreaming about your entire life so don’t trust this special event to just anyone. At Santos VIP Limo we have years of experience handling weddings and we pride ourselves on providing an impeccable diverse fleet of wedding limos and unsurpassed customer service. Call us today and see why Santos VIP is the best choice for Wedding Limos in NJ, NY & PA. VIP Santos Website

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Absolute Celebrations
Absolute Celebrations is a modern age entertainment company focused on Event Production and life-long memories. With over 30 years of experience within the circle of entertainers and over a dozen polished professionals no questions are left un-answered. The planning process has been perfected to be useful to the client while at the same time forcing them to think about all the emotional aspects of their big day. We pride ourself on not just “hosting your big day” but on “helping you create it”. A Personal relationship with your entertainer and the business as a whole is better then any enhancement out there. Once the relationship is created we focus on the visuals wether your desire is custom lighting or atmospheric enhancements, Absolute Celebrations offers countless detailed options to add a memorable effect to your event. Absolute Website

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Dash of Class
Since the inception of Dash of Class Disc Jockey Entertainment over 25 years ago, entertaining at wedding receptions, corporate events and for private special occasions has given us more enjoyment & fulfillment today than it did 25 years ago. A strong passion of entertaining & love of music has helped us grow to where we are today. Dash of Class is one of the most reputable and respected entertainment companies in the industry thanks to clients like you & a great team of friends and experienced professionals who love what they do. Our training and experience in event production as well as in the radio and broadcasting industry from Center for Media Arts & The Institute of Audio Research really shines through on your special day. Our customers realize we truly consider our job a skill & craft, not a hobby. Being detailed oriented & fully committed to our business & clients is what makes us perfect for a stress free event. This commitment involves dedication & emphasis on planning but, most importantly, handling all the details with you & the other professionals you have hired. What keeps us on top is working with you side by side during the planning process & watching your event come to life with the music selections & production elements that were customized specifically around your needs and expectations. Creating this close relationship with you leads to the rave reviews and compliments at the end of your special day. As entertainers, no words can describe the feeling of an extremely satisfied client. Providing a music & entertainment service while creating memories that will last a lifetime is a very rewarding experience for us. Dash of Class Website

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