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Welcome to our Brand New, Upscale Venue located in Northern/ Central New Jersey.  We are Now Open and Booking Weddings, Celebrations and Corporate Events, Accommodating 50 – 300 Guests.  Please Call Jennifer Lynn Forshee, 908.884.5657 or Email:JForshee@KemperSports.com

The Cluhbouse at Galloping Hill is set among the serenity of the Galloping Hill Golf Course with panoramic views of fairways and greens, mature thousand year old Oaks and the wooded backdrop of Galloping Hill Park.

The Clubhouse at Galloping Hill accommodates up to 300 guests for private dining, special events, receptions, and on site wedding ceremonies. Features and amenities in the NEW Clubhouse include:

  • Exquisitely designed ballroom with space for up to 300 guests and floor to ceiling views
  • Covered outdoor terrace with panoramic views of the golf course and park
  • Private bridal suite
  • Restaurant and bar with private dining available
  • Convenient location to Garden State Parkway, hotel accommodations, and complimentary shuttle.
  • On-Site event planner
  • Hosting one wedding at a time for event exclusivity.

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SCE Event Group
The SCE Event Group was originally founded in 2000 by Jason Jani and was essentially rebuilt from the ground up in 2009.  The SCE organization was developed with one main focus, to make incredible moments in time a reality while shattering the standard mold or concept of what people would expect from a private event DJ entertainment service provider.   SCE is very different than any other private event entertainment group in the country and here is why….

The difference truly is our unique – boutique influenced approach to event design, without using outdated techniques, cheesy interaction skits, pre-set playlists or shiny blow up props at our functions.  SCE was created and managed by real DJs, with solid history in the nightlife, remix production and radio mixshow industry areas, who are incredibly creative, talent, passionate and of course dynamic.  For us…  every event is very different, and we truly believe that you deserve a unique experience that reflects your style, your tastes and what you envision as perfect.   We do cool things for cool couples, and pride ourselves on not doing the same thing over and over at our events.  No two events are ever the same at SCE, there is no standard, there is no average and we hope to inspire you to have the celebration you have always dreamed of – a dance floor that is full the entire night complimented by the perfect amount of lighting design, or other enhancements foudn in our broad portfolio.  When you take our approach and blend it with our incredible staff of 7 full time (yes, full time career) entertainment professionals (not guys that do this on the side just on the weekends) magic happens for our couples, clients, groups and guests of honor.. SCE Website

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Absolute Celebrations
Absolute Celebrations is a modern age entertainment company focused on Event Production and life-long memories. With over 30 years of experience within the circle of entertainers and over a dozen polished professionals no questions are left un-answered. The planning process has been perfected to be useful to the client while at the same time forcing them to think about all the emotional aspects of their big day. We pride ourself on not just “hosting your big day” but on “helping you create it”. A Personal relationship with your entertainer and the business as a whole is better then any enhancement out there. Once the relationship is created we focus on the visuals wether your desire is custom lighting or atmospheric enhancements, Absolute Celebrations offers countless detailed options to add a memorable effect to your event. Absolute Website

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Elegant Bridal Fashion Show

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