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The Atrium The Atrium proudly offers everything you need to create the perfect wedding – a splendid atmosphere, exceptional cuisine, meticulous service and exquisite attention to detail. Whether you’re looking for a gorgeous, elaborate banquet room for your seated reception or an intimate candlelit buffet dinner for close family and friends, The Atrium is honored to take part in creating an event that is both memorable and truly magical. Further, our gorgeous outdoor ceremony site offers the perfect setting for religious ceremonies, commitment ceremonies, and ethnic celebrations. The Atrium Website

Absolute Celebrations Absolute Celebrations is a modern age entertainment company focused on Event Production and life-long memories. With over 30 years of experience within the circle of entertainers and over a dozen polished professionals no questions are left un-answered. The planning process has been perfected to be useful to the client while at the same time forcing them to think about all the emotional aspects of their big day. We pride ourself on not just “hosting your big day” but on “helping you create it”. A Personal relationship with your entertainer and the business as a whole is better then any enhancement out there. Once the relationship is created we focus on the visuals wether your desire is custom lighting or atmospheric enhancements, Absolute Celebrations offers countless detailed options to add a memorable effect to your event.

In order to claim complete Event Production we have taken the worlds of photo & video to an entire different platform. We have evolved photography into imagery which will give a dynamic view of your event. A view only our talented in house staff of photographers can create. With an album & printing staff to match, your process begins the second you step into our home. Video has evolved to Cinematography, we do not just “shoot” your wedding. We Capture the important events then combine them with the ones you do not see; to finish a product that will flow with emotion with every view. Absolute Celebrations Website

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Breathless Band
Our main objective is to give you the party of a lifetime.  We will have you dancing and moving from the time you step into your event until you just can’t anymore.  We pride ourselves in our ability to give you nonstop music from the minute we step on stage.  We are first and foremost a dance band and are well versed in dance music from current top 40 to golden oldies of the past.  MOTOWN • DISCO • SWING • OLDIES • COUNTRY • ROCK or CURRENT DANCE TUNES we do it all.  We can also provide you with Latin styles as well as Italian hits .  We also carry a DJ with us on every job we can cover just about anything you might request.

Every member of Time Machine that you see on our video or when we perform are permanent members of the band.  So in other words the people you see when you book us are the people that will be at your event.  All the members are seasoned professionals and love nothing more than to give you the party of your life.

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