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Snug Harbor
One of New York City’s most unique wedding venues is Celebrate at Snug Harbor, a Cultural Center and Botanical Garden in Staten Island. With magnificent architecture, lush botanical gardens and artisinal cuisine, Celebrate at Snug Harbor is the perfect oasis for your big day.

The impeccable landscaping, romantic pathways and cultural gardens are all picture perfect backdrops for your wedding photos. Say your vows in one of the botanical gardens or the Newhouse Museum and then have your cocktail hour under the stars or inside the charming hall. The 40 foot ceilings of the Great Hall paired with some of the city’s finest cuisine will make you reception the place to eat, drink and celebrate the night away. Visit Snug Harbor Website

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Platinum Entertainment
Platinum Weddings has been providing the Highest Level of Wedding Entertainment for Tri-State area Brides for 20 years. Simply put- Brides come to us because they want their Wedding day to come off without any incident, for the events to run smoothly and their guests to be talking about their wedding for years to come. Our 10 owners will personally see to it that you have the most Amazing Wedding Day experience.

Who you meet with will be the Entertainer at your Wedding. We believe that personality is one of the key ingredients to a successful event and if you don’t have the chance to meet with the person who will be providing the entertainment for your wedding, you should serously consider looking elsewhere. It is that important.

As always, we will use the top of the line equipment and more importantly, have back up equipment. This is something to note: Unless it is made by God, things will break. It is important that in the case that this does break, you have a back up plan, which We do! Platinum Website

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E-Squared Productions
E-Squared Productions and Express It Video have formed a strategic partnership, where their sole focus is to provide each client with the perfect entertainment solution, tailored to their event. We know that no two events are the same.  We can customized any event according to your specifications. Whether you are celebrating your daughter’s  Sweet 16 or walking her down the aisle, we will ensure that those memories will last a lifetime. We thoroughly enjoy celebrating each of these moments with you. Together, we are the evolution of entertainment that will make your treasured moments last! E-Squared Website

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