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At Crystal Springs Resort, we understand that weddings which take a lifetime of dreams to plan should be wonderful from start to finish. Our breathtaking resort has four different properties with more than six magnificent and vastly unique indoor and outdoor venues from elegant ballrooms to gorgeous, rustic pavilions, all within a 5 mile radius, ensuring the most romantic and memorable location for your wedding ceremony and reception. From start to finish, you will be left with a lifetime of memories that will stay with you and your guests.

Our first-class culinary team and Wine Spectator Grand Award-winning Wine Cellar will ensure that your guests’ palates are as delighted as their spirit. The Resort also offers sumptuous Indian and Kosher menus. Crystal Springs Resort offers the expertise and professional planning along with a gorgeous location to offer you everything you need to make your wedding perfection whether you are looking for a Destination, Golf Course, Country-Style or Lavish Ballroom Wedding – leave the details up to us! Luxurious overnight accommodations and a wonderful array of upscale services and amenities round out this spectacular wedding destination. Crystal Springs Resort Website

Time Machine Band Now Celebrating their 35th year, Time Machine is Still the number 1 band in New Jersey specializing in Weddings, Corporate events & More! Time Machine Band Website

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DDM Entertainment offers the finest in Music Entertainment. Whether you are coordinating a Wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Sweet 16, Corporate or any other type of Event, DDM can provide you with DJ’s, Emcee’s, Bands, Dancers, Lighting, Staging, Videography, Photography, Montage’s, Interactive Entertainment, or Full Event Production. DDM Entertainment Website

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