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Stunning Printable Wedding Binders for Easy Planning

Getting engaged is one of the most memorable and happiest moments of your life but the time will soon come (if it has not already) where you’ll need to start doing some serious wedding planning. Discussing with your partner about what you both want, having the money talk and honing in on the details can quickly become overwhelming––even when you start planning a year in advance!

To help you take it step by step and keep track of every part of your planning process, we thought we’d share these beautiful printable wedding binders from Shutterfly. They include three different designs that can easily fit any wedding’s theme from black and white florals, to greenery to a stunning geometric crystal binder.

Whichever binder you choose, it will contain every section needed to plan the perfect from A to Z. These sections include a 12-month checklist, a detailed spreadsheet, a vendor call list, guestlist, day-of timeline, honeymoon itinerary and much more. Use their blank cover letter and sheets to add any other sections you may need.

They also include a quick, six step guide to easily put together your binder. Once it’s printed and ready to go, we recommend getting together with your partner and starting on page five––the budget. It will probably be the most difficult conversation but knowing how much you can spend from the start will help you put together a dream wedding at a price point you’re comfortable with.

If you want to get started on your binder, keep reading!


  • Three ring binder
  • Printables
  • Tabs
  • Sticker letters
  • Sticky notes
  • Pens
  • Clear pocket sheets
  • Three-hole puncher


  1. Pick a binder that matches your wedding’s color scheme and/or theme.
  2. Design the cover to your liking with sticker letters or a printed cover sheet. Shutterfly also includes a blank cover letter for you to customize.
  3. Print and hole-punch your printable binder. Feel free to arrange them based on your personal planning process.
  4. Insert cover pages and sticker tabs to easily flip through each section.
  5. Add pocket sleeves. These will help you save stationary, fabric swatches, photos and any other inspiration you’ve been collecting in one place.
  6. Add any additional sheets and sections and enjoy!

Planning a wedding is far from easy, especially when you’re taking most of the planning on yourself. Whether you’ve hired a wedding planner or you’re planning a DIY wedding, a binder will keep you organized and make for a beautiful keepsake after the wedding.