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Choosing Footwear with Your Bridal Dress – Things to Consider

Buying bridalfootwear can be as challenging as buying bridal dresses. Not knowing the latest trends in wedding fashion can make things even more impossible. These tips can make the job much easier.

Shopping in Advance

The best way to buy a perfect wedding shoe is to buy it earlierinstead of buying it few days before the big wedding day. If you are not sure which style would suit you the best, then it is better to do some online research beforehand. You can search for different types of shoe designs online that would go well with your wedding outfit. 

Also, it is better to shop earlier if you want to buy a shoe that has been recently launched as most of the common shoe sizes are usually out of stock. Therefore, it is always better to check whether your desired shoe design is available in your size or not. In case, it is not available or out of stock then you can place an order for it in advanceor you can even buy it online. Getting your shoe in advance is also a great way to see if it matches with your outfit or not.

Your Wedding Theme

Your shoe selection also depends on the theme of your wedding. Whether you are having a destination wedding, a beach wedding, a garden themed wedding or a traditional wedding in a church. If you are having your wedding outdoors in a garden or a lawn, then it is better to go for flat shoes instead of heels. 

Since the ground in lawns and gardens is usually damp and uneven, it is better to avoid using heels. Still, if you really want to wear heels with your wedding gown, then you can go for booties or shorter heels.

Choosing Comfort Over Style

For your big day, it is better to wear something that you find comfortable and avoid experimenting with something that you have never worn before. For example, if you are not used to wearing long heels, then going for a wedding bootie or shorterheels would be a great alternative for a stiletto shoe. 

Make sure that your shoe has the required padding so that it does nothurt your feet. Since, you are going to spend a good amount of time in your wedding gown and shoes, therefore it is better to wear something that you can easily carry and wear for a longer periodof time.

Pairing your Shoe With Your WeddingDress

Just like your wedding dress, it is equally important that you invest equal amount of time in choosing the righttype of wedding shoe. Also, you need to make sure that your wedding shoe matches with the design and the overall style of your wedding dress. Your dress may have a specific embroidery or stone work. Make sure to find such intricate details in your dress and match it with your shoes.

Feeling Like Royalty on Your Wedding Day

Even if you are planning to wear long floor length wedding gown, make sure to wear a shoe that makes you feel special on your big day. Make sure to go for a shoe that stands out but still complements with your overall wedding look. 

Usually, brides select such wedding shoes that would look good on stage as well as in videos and pictures. Therefore, make sure to not wear something that would appear too flashy in pictures. Similarly, make sure your shoesare not too simple or dull that would go unnoticed.

Going for a Nude Colored Shoe

If your wedding shoe is too extravagant or delicate, then you won’t be able to use it for any other occasion other than your wedding day. If you are looking for a shoe that can be worn on other occasions as well, then it is better to go for a nude colored shoe instead of a pure white heel. You can also try for a more flat or simplershoe as they can be worn multiple times.


It is also possible to have multiple shoes except of a single one for your wedding day. You can buy one pair for the main event and another one for your wedding reception.Following the above tips will help you land the best pair of wedding shoes in very little time.