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Choosing A Wedding Theme Using 4 Basic Elements

There are so many details that go into planning a wedding. One important detail that will help inform all the rest of your planning is your wedding theme.

Have you ever been to a wedding and noticed an in cohesiveness? Maybe you have attended a destination beach wedding where the bride was wearing a puffy ball gown? The event just didn’t flow well. Well, that’s because there are a number of elements that feed into the overall aesthetic and mood of your wedding (aka its theme). These elements include:

Invitations — This is the first peek your guests will get into the overall theme you’re trying to set for your wedding, so don’t take this step lightly.

Attire — The largest part of your wedding is the people, meaning that what they’re wearing will absolutely impact the overall look. Pro tip: To help gear everyone in the right direction, including the bridal party and your guests, send along your recommendations for retailers and renters in an email or even as part of your invitations along with your registry info. Tried-and-true shops like David’s Bridal are a good and budget-friendlier bet for women, and we’ve noticed more men renting wedding tuxedos online at places like The Black Tux.

Venue — It probably goes without saying, but where you have your wedding will very literally set the entire scene.

Decor — Simply put, details matter, and there’s no detail too small in terms of cultivating the mood you want.

Sometimes agreeing on a theme is the hardest part! To give you some inspiration, here are some of our favorite themes of the season and how to use the above elements to establish the theme of your dreams.

Elegant Wedding
Elegant weddings are considered a timeless theme. The invitations are sophisticated with neutral colors with a hint of lace. The venue might be in an extraordinary hotel ballroom venue with extravagant centerpieces. The fancier the better.

This theme gives the couple the opportunity to really show off their refined style. The bride is often in a very “blinged-out” dress or in a ballroom gown while the groom wears a very dapper wedding tuxedo.

You can’t go wrong with simple elegance.

Whimsical Wedding
Who doesn’t love the magical feeling of a whimsical wedding? The pops of color and childlike wonder make for a beautiful and unique day. Floral invitations like these set the tone of the event immediately. When you arrive to a venue full of lights and vines, the creative style comes to life.

This theme gives grooms a chance to wear that pastel suit that they have always (not so secretly) wanted. Or for the bride to wear a wedding dress with floral accents.

Rustic Wedding
Rustic weddings tend to give off a more earthy feeling. Mason jars and wooden accents will become your best friends. -Whether it’s in a barn or another outdoorsy venue, you can’t help but feel the romantic atmosphere. Some of the best decor ideas for this theme are on Pinterest. This theme gives a couple a lot of opportunity to use their creative and DIY side!

This also gives an opportunity for a more casual attire for guests and the soon-to-be newlyweds. Consider a shorter dress for a bride and a more informal, mix n’ matched suit for the groom. And guests don’t need to dress for a black tie event, but be clear about how casual is too casual!

There are so many different themes to choose from but in the end, the wedding theme can really give guests a sense of who the couple really is. So what kind of couple are you?