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Building a Healthy Relationship

A relationship is always healthy at the onset or at the start or beginning of the relationship. During the start or early months of the relationship, it’s effortless.  You always feel excited meeting and being with your partner.  Your feeling is that your relationship will last forever.   You are forgiving and selfless, noticing only the good qualities of your partner.  You are overly optimistic of your relationship.  To build a healthy relationship, you need to keep these attitudes.

You need to make a conscious effort of building a healthy relationship from the start. You need to build a solid foundation, one that can withstand the test of time, the normal and abnormal beatings of life.   Remember the bumble bee to help you build a healthy relationship.  The bumble patiently searches for a flower and when it finds one, it carefully lands on the flower and starts sipping the sweet nectar enjoying the moment.  In building a healthy relationship, think of the BEE.

Build a Foundation of Respect and Appreciation

Respect your partner’s views and interests. Focus on understanding what your partner feels to be able to react positively to issues that may arise.  Make a conscious effort of thanking your partner even in the small things that he does for you like opening the car door for you.  Always look for opportunities to appreciate your partner.  Always focus on the good side of your partner and take for granted any negative ones.  Your relationship is like that of a flower and a bee.  The flower unselfishly gives to the appreciative bee; look for opportunities to give without expecting something in return.

Engage Your Partner

Spend time to know more about each other so that you will have a long list of things to do and enjoy together.  Don’t be afraid to try new things; explore to increase the things that may interest you both. Try new things, unconventional things to create fun and excitement and increase the things that you two can do together.

Establish the Habit of Apologizing for Your Mistake

Ask for forgiveness if you hurt your partner’s feelings; and vice-versa, be ready to forgive when your partner hurts you.  I said “when” not “if” because you will surely be hurt in your relationship.  Expect it and practice forgiveness because this will become your strong foundation to a healthy relationship.

If you follow these simple BEE steps you will be on the road to a healthy relationship like a bee enjoying the fruits of its labor.

As months go by and your relationship grows, expect and be prepared for changes.  Change is inevitable and may shake your relationship.  Always set aside time to discuss any change on expectations and goals. Discussing any change even difficult topics will strengthen your relationship.  If couples avoid discussing issues for too long their relationship is most likely to drift into rocky waters without them noticing it.

If you practice the BEE steps, your relationship will definitely be stronger and healthier.

About the author: John M. Caviness is a successful marketing manager at do my essay service. This job gives him an opportunity to express his opinion and thoughts on different topics including cyber security.