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Best Wedding Flowers for Every Season

By Kim Hess

The engagement proposal to marriage is some of the most exciting times for a couple. But planning a wedding can be a daunting task. From the dress to the cake, decor, catering, and of course, wedding flowers, there’s a lot to do. A couple has to decide on centerpieces, bouquets, boutonnieres, and more. Traditional wedding flowers including roses, orchards, lilies and daisies, are available year-round. But if you’re looking to add some splash to your wedding photos, here are the best wedding flowers fit for every season.


Winter weddings are becoming a popular time for couples to get hitched. More “save the dates” than ever are showing up in mailboxes for December and January weddings. There is nothing more romantic than vibrant red and deep green flowers against a blanket of snow. Experts say brides getting married around the holidays will often choose burgundy. They use roses, carnations, calla lilies, and other red flowers in their winter wedding arrangements, accented with silver, white, and other colors associated with the holidays.

Holly berries

A sprinkle of holly berries in a bouquet of red and white roses adds a sophisticated touch. Red holly berries are also joyful and fun for men’s boutonnieres. Additionally, they add a pop of red to table centerpieces. 


The blooms of the amaryllis are popular with couples who are tying the knot at Christmas and Valentine’s Day, too. The velvety red is bright and bold, and the perfect splash for bridal bouquets.  

Don’t forget about mixing colorful bouquets with white flowers such as roses. The gardening experts at the University of Vermont extension say white can be an accent color for a bouquet of darker-colored flowers or floral arrangements and centerpieces. 


Peonies, tulips and hydrangeas are popular for spring weddings along with daffodils and lilacs. 

Blue wild indigo 

A native plant to parts of Pennsylvania, this wildflower is found in prairies giving a vibrant touch of color to any rustic-themed or outdoor wedding. With its striking bluish-purple flowers are perfect for any event, a formal or casual affair.

Dwarf crested iris

Another unique flower for a wedding bouquet in the spring months is the dwarf crested iris. The flower blooms from March to May, with colors spanning from white to blue to purple.


What better way to start a new chapter with your better half than by meeting them at the altar carrying a stunning bouquet of orchids? The flowers add grace and elegance to the bouquets, and they won’t wither on steamy, summer nights. 

Daisies (and roses)

Daisies are also vibrant flowers that will provide energy to your bouquets. And we can’t say enough about roses! They are a popular flower for all seasons, blooming year-round. Roses are also stylish and attractive in any arrangement.  


Sunflowers are a bright, cheerful flower that will provide a pop of color to your floral arrangements. Weddings are already a joyous occasion, and sunflower stalks in vases and centerpieces ooze happiness for the new couple. The yellow pastels are also the iconic symbol of summer.


Planning on jumping the broom in the autumn months? Chrysanthemums are the top choice for fall weddings, with a couple of other popular choices. 


Mums are a versatile flower with bright, bold seasonal colors. From rustic-themed weddings to more romantic settings. Mums are the most common flower that is carried down the aisle during the fall season.


Fall is peak season for dahlias and brides are taking advantage. In an article about wedding trends on the University of Illinois’s blog, flower farmer Audra Wyant says, “We can never seem to grow enough dahlias. They come small and large, and in a wide variety of colors from dusty pinks to deep, bold reds. They are amazing in the field and even more stunning in a bouquet, and they last longer when they are purchased locally.”

On average, the cost of a wedding in the U.S. is about $34,000. While you may have sticker shock at just how expensive getting hitched can be, your wedding flowers don’t have to break the bank. Work with a local florist to choose flowers that are in season. It will be much cheaper for your wallet. 

Kim Hess is a nature lover and wedding planner who enjoys incorporating a hometown feel in the ceremonies and receptions she designs. She also enjoys tasting food at venues around the country, so she can recommend the best wedding day feasts. (Hey, somebody’s gotta do it!)