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Best Glamorous Wedding Ideas for Making Your Big Day Unforgettable

The wedding day is a day every girl dreams about since her childhood. You and your beloved one become the center of attention. A beautiful dress that makes you feel like a queen. Your father, a tough man, tears up a little while walking you down the aisle and those little kids running in front of you with tiny bouquets and rice. And your best friend and the most handsome man in the world is waiting for you to show everyone how much you love each other.

Disclaimer: If you are single and are still looking for someone to plan this kind of wedding with, you can always check out online dating platforms, like classic Tinder or some newer one Together2night or choose any other preferred way of meeting new people and find your special person there. Good luck!

It all sounds like a dream come true. However, everything that comes before the big day seems less dream-like. There are a lot of little details to discuss and take care of. 

Wedding planners and apps are extremely helpful but it happens a lot that a couple can not afford them or sometimes it just feels better when you take control of everything. It can occur that your wedding planner can’t quite catch what is going on in your head and you just wish you could transfer the picture from your head to hers or his by some brain Wi-Fi.  

That is why this article was created. It is for all of those couples who are striving for a big luxurious wedding and are trying either to do all by themselves or finally put that ultimate picture into their wedding planner`s mind. The article can become an inspiration for wedding planners who are just starting their career or someone who is still not sure about their wedding style. 


Why a Glamorous Wedding?

Now we can definitely see that the trend of minimalism is flowing into every sphere of our lives. Weddings are not an exception. White and black, lots of lush greenery and geometry in everything are typical for this style. 

However, not everyone is a big fan of simplicity. A wedding day is one of the highlights of your life after all and it is totally normal to go big. You do not have to follow major trends if it makes you feel uncomfortable or unsatisfied with what you are getting. You want to look at the pictures years after and feel joy and happiness, not the regret about giving up your perfect wedding just for the sake of following the trends. 

Glamorous associates with luxury and a bit over-the-top event. If you are not exactly sure, what a glamorous wedding is about, just follow the article and I am sure, you will grab the concept quickly.

So these are the best ideas for your glamorous wedding that your family and friends will never forget. 

Luxury Invitations

Invitations matter. It gives your guests some clues about what to expect from the wedding and whether they should go get a fancy dress or just roll with the dress from 2005. To make your invitations fancy, I advise to go for golden shades and fonts like Windsong or Scriptina fonts. Gold is a color of luxury and the fonts look like they were written in ink. You can find nice designs in the stationary block (for example https://www.loveandlavender.com/2019/07/laser-cut-wedding-invitations/). The same rules go for the menu card. 

Magnificent Venue

A place where the wedding is going to take place is actually the one you build your wedding around. It is the place where guests are going to spend most of their day so we want to make it unforgettable. 

We are talking about going big here. It means high ceilings, classical molding, and pictures in old frames. So, the ballroom it is? You can also try a historic mansion, a room of an old art museum or a grand estate and a chateau. Old luxurious hotels are a way to go too!

Colors That Remind You of Luxury

Pink and gold, all white with its shadows, deep red or green – all of these colors will do. Actually, you have quite an endless possibility, but the ones that were mentioned are in a royal way perfect for your glamorous wedding. One big detail you (should, no) must not forget is the colors of your venue interior. No matter how magnificent your pink laced tablecloths are, if walls are painted red, together it will look like someone was trying their best to ruin your wedding. 

I have a friend, Jessica, and she was planning the most glamorous wedding in the whole world as she loved to say. I was her maid of honor and was super pumped up about this wedding. They had a fabulous ballroom in Fargo. I loved the place the moment I stepped in there. It seemed like it was a place where princesses met their Princes Charming. One day her wedding planner called me in tears begging to make Jessica change her mind about the colors. As it turns out, she loved purple and he adored yellow. They wanted to make a mix out of their favorite colors. It is a very sweet move but yellow and purple together weren’t as sweet. It took me an hour to prevent the disaster and every time we watch the wedding video, she still says thank you to me and a mental thank you to her wedding planner. 

Variety of Flowers

What was your first thought when you saw this paragraph? I bet roses were your first image. Well, these flowers are really luxurious and remind us of all the romantic movies and fairy-tails which we so genuinely believed in when we were small. 

Life is, however, not a pure fairy-tale and it can happen that your budget for flowers is not as big as you want to. If it is the case, use these tips:

  • walk around local shops and take pictures of flowers you like the most
  • search the web for floral arrangements 
  • do not forget to follow your color scheme
  • buy seasonal flowers, it can save you a lot!

After all, there are simple flowers that create a mix that Cinderella would kill for just to get her wedding bouquet out of those. All the magic tricks are known by a good florist so be careful when choosing one. 

Lots of Candles

Candles are full of symbols. It is about love that lights up your beloved one`s world. It is about fighting darkness and warming your dearest up. It is about being that light at the end of the tunnel that will show the way home. 

Candles help to create that unmistakably intimate, cozy atmosphere and add up some glam as well. Oh, golden candleholders and chandeliers! It reminds us of palaces, sophisticated ball gowns, and lively talks. 

Mac and Cheese? Are You Kidding?

If you search for “the cheapest food to serve at the wedding” right now, maybe glamorous is not the word that should characterize your wedding. It is close to serving the steak on a vegan wedding. Food means a lot to people at the wedding. It will not matter how gorgeous your flower arrangements are if the food is bad or someone is hungry. Unsatisfied stomachs speak louder than mouths! The presentation and dish on which food is going to be served matter too!

Please, do not forget about the quality of your drinks either. 

High Cake With Lots of Decors

I do not know how about you but a wedding cake is a part I am looking forward to at any wedding. It is one of the last highlights of your big day and people tend to remember ‘lasts’ the most. Sometimes you have the most engaging conversation ever but at the very end they say something unpleasant or it turns out they are leaving without a goodbye kind of person and the whole impression is ruined. The same goes for the cake.

The least you can do is a three-leveled cake. A rich amount of flowers and lace patterns do look fancy. White and gold are the best colors for the base. 

Wedding Gown and Tuxedo Just Like on Instagram

If you think that the only suitable wedding dress is a ball gown, you are a bit wrong. You can totally pull off a curve-hugging silhouette, just add material with a good structure and a reasonable amount of jewelry. Yes, reasonable is important here. Do not get your hand on all the rings and necklaces you were carefully keeping from your 5th grade. Sparkly and shiny is all good but if nobody will see you behind all the sparkles, maybe you tried a bit too hard.

Shoes are important too! High heels are good for looking good at the pictures but if you are not really confident about wearing them all the time, there are plenty of less feet-killing shoes that look gorgeous too.

A black tuxedo for the male hero of the wedding is a classic. However, if you want something more modern, you can choose a nice dark blue color. It looks intriguing and is perfect for a glamorous wedding. 

Glamorous weddings are not that cheap to organize but they make such amazing memories. Every time I visit a glam wedding I am walking around with my mouth open and dream about the day I can live through something like that. It is like making all the dreams come true and writing “The end” on the last page of the perfect love story with a happy end. 

However, the best part is that your happy end is only the beginning of your glam and happy love life with your partner. 


Sandra Manson is a passionate journalist who has been contributing to major media publications. She enjoys writing about human psychology and lifestyle. Sandra also runs her blog https://singlehearts.org where she covers topics of great interest in modern society.