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An ‘Earnest’ Proposal at Two River Theater
By Cassie Galasetti

At Elegant Bridal we love a good proposal story, especially one that’s creative, artsy and well thought out! Check out this one by Louis Castano and Jenna Rocca.

[Take notes guys – this one will be hard to beat!]

Jenna and Louis met four years ago at a middle school performance of Pirates of Penance; Louis was playing drums in the pit and caught Jenna’s eye in the audience. Sharing a passion for the arts, they started dating six months later.

Fast forward a few years to the afternoon of November 17, leading up to the opening night performance of Oscar Wilde’s classic comedy, The Importance of Being Earnest at Two River Theater in Red Bank, (where Jenna works as their Associate Director of Marketing). Louis concocted a plan with the Two River staff to propose on stage on the set of The Importance of Being Earnest. Managing Director Michael Hurst contrived a reason for Jenna for go into the empty theater. To her shock, Louis walked out to center stage on the dreamlike garden set (designed by Charlie Corcoran), got down on one knee and proposed while the engineers in the sound booth played “I Choose You” by Sara Bareilles.

After the show, Jenna and Louis celebrated at the opening-night party, where Artistic and Managing Directors John Dias and Michael Hurst gave a special toast to the happy couple!

There are many reasons why we love this “Earnest” proposal, and it all starts with the personalization. Louis chose to propose at Two River Theater not only because it was Jenna’s place of employment but because they both have a love for theater arts. Thinking of what you both love, whether it’s a place you like to go or travel to or an activity or hobby you both have in common, it’s a great idea to find that unique way that will mean something to both of you.

Remember – the story of how you proposed will be told to friends, family and strangers for the rest of your lives (no pressure 🙂 so make it a good one!