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7 Wedding Ideas for Coffee Lovers

Calmly drinking a cup of coffee is one of the better parts of life. This is especially true for those of us that need a bit of caffeine to get moving in the morning or as a workday afternoon pickup. But some of us need to take our love for coffee to a whole other level. 

Have you ever thought of a coffee-themed wedding? It could be a lot of fun…

Why Have a Coffee-themed Wedding?

Many factors might lead a couple to opt for coffee-themed nuptials. While it might seem a bit different at first, it can make an even more pleasurable experience than that first cup of the day (and it’s far from cliche!). 

Here are some reasons which might resonate with you.

Love for the Beverage

Coffee can be an integral part of a couple’s history or personality. 

Did you and your future spouse have an early date at a local coffee bar? Then not only is coffee a considerable part of your relationship, but you can thank your shared love for the beverage for bringing you two closer together. 

Alternative for Those Who Don’t Drink Alcohol

Whether for health reasons or due to personal preference, not every guest at your wedding will want to partake in alcohol drink. 

In order not to embarrass anyone or leave them out of your celebration, you can plan for fancy drinks of a different variety: in coffee form. Or – if you wish – serve alcohol and coffee side by side and allow guests to pick their favorite (or both!).

Time of Day

Are you planning a morning or early-afternoon occasion? A coffee and brunch event may be perfect for a wedding scheduled at that time. Who wants a cocktail and prime rib dinner served mid-morning? If your wedding meal occurs before noon, coffee, as well as a brunch buffet, is sure to please.

What Are Some Ways to Add Coffee to my Wedding?

You don’t have to have a coffee-only theme. There are many ideas you can incorporate into your wedding without being completely coffee-exclusive. Here are a few creative ways to infuse coffee into your special day, whether you are a casual drinker or a true caffeine-connoisseur.

1. Coffee Cart

Similar to an open bar, a coffee cart could feature a professional barista creating all types of coffee concoctions such as lattes, espresso shots, and even hot chocolate for any kids. 

A well-stocked cart should also feature a plethora of donuts, croissants, and pastries sure to wow the crowd at a morning or early afternoon affair. (And yes, it works in the evening too…)

2. Coffee Shots

Rather than having banquet servers walking around with hor’s d ‘oeuvres, why not have them pass around a variety of flavored espresso shots on lacy platters? They’re sure to get the party in motion as guests feel that jolt of energy flowing through their bodies. You’ll also see much more action on the dance floor!

3. Self-serve Coffee Bar

For those that are not into fancier varieties of coffee, sometimes a regular cup o’ joe is all they need. Setting up a self-service coffee bar is just what the average guest needs to meet his or her java needs. 

Put out some non-dairy creamer, since it will work for everyone – and it won’t spoil – along with sugar and sweetener packets. (Don’t forget the stirrers and napkins.) 

One cute idea is to include a chalkboard and a few jars of beans for an authentic accent that’s sure to delight!

4. Coffee-themed Invites

You can design adorable coffee-themed invitations to let your guests know right away that coffee will be a significant part of your big day. For extra effect, add a coffee lover’s postage stamp – all just a simple online order away.

These invitations can be heartwarming or delightfully funny, featuring silly puns such as “share in our brew-tiful day” or “we are the perfect blend.”

5. Custom Mugs

You can get you and your future spouse’s name placed on mugs in your chosen wedding colors so each guest can have one in his or her table setting. Your mugs can even feature a recent picture of you two. 

Mugs make a nice take-home souvenir for friends and relatives alike. Not only will they be sure to remember your special day, but almost everyone uses mugs (or knows someone who does).

6. Coffee-inspired Favors

Some interesting coffee-inspired favors that guests are sure to enjoy include small packages of flavored coffee beans, pouches of instant French vanilla or hazelnut mixes, or even cold brew bottles. 

Creating cute coffee-inspired favors can also be a fun do-it-yourself project that you can work on with your friends. What a fun way to count down to the big day while saving money!

7. Coffee-Themed Dessert Bar

How about a dessert bar adjacent to your self-serve coffee bar that features all coffee-infused confections? Perhaps with a coffee twist?

Tiramisu, coffee toffee, coffee-flavored cheesecake, or mocha-coffee mousse can each greatly enhance your caffeinated beverage. For extra appeal, you can add a chocolate fountain, an expensive – but exquisite – touch. Guests will enjoy dipping their treats and creating unique coffee-chocolate hybrid candies.

A Coffee-Infused Wedding

A coffee-themed wedding is sure to be incomparable and memorable, and inspire others to talk about your big day for years to come. 

You can try any or all of the ideas above or just mix and match a few items on the list depending on your specific tastes. There are so many options! 

Congratulations on your special day, hope this post inspired you with some excellent coffee-related wedding ideas.