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6 Ways to Keep the Spark Alive in Your Relationship

In the beginning of a relationship, all you want to do is spend your sweet time with your sweetheart. Every experience is new and fresh, and your time together is full of excitement and passion. However, over time, you may find that these hot and heavy feelings can slowly fizzle out. But you don’t have to sound the alarms just yet. There are ways to reignite the flame between the two of you and get your relationship out of hot water.

1.  Get It on

In order to have a happy and healthy relationship, you have to be intimate with one another. All too often, life can pull you in 1,000 directions, and you’re left with zero time for intimacy.

But if you want to keep the heat between you and the person who makes you hot, you have to make time for one another. And if that means pulling out your calendars and booking some nookie time, so be it. Besides, the sheer anticipation of having these kinds of romantic rendezvous on the horizon will also help get you fired up for sizzling nights ahead.

2.  Bring back Date Night

When the two of you first started dating, a lot of courtship was involved. You wooed and delighted each other in hopes that you would one day be a couple. But it doesn’t mean that those amorous actions have to end now that you’ve ended up together.

You should still plan romantic outings with each other. Get dressed up for a night on the town. Go dancing or hit up a local jazz club. Put in the same amount of effort that you did before you officially made it official. That way, you can bring back those passionate feelings you had when you were first dating. Courtship should never depart from your relationship.

3.  Try New Things

If you want to keep that spark between you and your hottie, it’s time to engage in some new activities together, both in and out of the bedroom. Try new hobbies like painting or Pilates. Take a cooking class or even pump up your typical bedroom behavior with something steamy. By throwing a wrench into your usual routine, you can fix the repetitive nature of your relationship and turn the temperature up a notch.

4.  Surprise, Surprise

Surprises keep you on your toes, and they also help keep you fired up in your relationship. By surprising your partner with favors, presents or even just your unexpected presence, you’re keeping the spark alive between the two of you by keeping your partner wondering and in wonderment.

Maybe you can leave work early and surprise her with a candlelit dinner. Or perhaps you can surprise him with two tickets to see his favorite band. Keep each other guessing so there’s no question that you still have the hots for one another.

5.  Hit the Road

In order to keep things spicy between you and your honey, why not change up the scenery? Whether you go on a week vacation, an overnight getaway or a one-day excursion, you can take a trip together no matter your budget and/or timeframe. Relax on a beach somewhere. Go snowboarding. Or simply take a romantic stroll in a new part of town, hand in hand. You don’t need to spend a lot of money—just spend time together in a new location so you can keep the energy and excitement in your relationship.

6.  End Device Distraction

If you want to keep the fire burning between you and your mate, put down your Kindle Fire. Turn off the TV. And look up from your phone. It’s time to be present when you’re with your partner and not be distracted by work emails, texts from friends or an addicting series on Netflix. In order to keep the flame burning, you’ve got to be in the moment with your special someone and give him or her your full and undivided attention. Get your head out of the clouds in every respect so you can spend quality time together without any distractions, interruptions or disturbances.

About the author: Alissa Zucker is an essay writer at the paper writing service Mcessay. She is interested in reading classic and psychological books which give her inspiration to write her own articles and short stories.