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6 Things Your Wedding Photographer Will Never Tell You

Looking at the Internet galleries of photographers, you flip through wedding photos, one after another. It might seem to you that if you find the most beautiful gallery and make a call, your photo album will turn out to be just as lovely as you expect it to be. Unfortunately, it is not true. What is the story behind the most successful album? What do you need to be prepared for? Let us discuss the top things that your wedding photographer will never tell you.


Be prepared for the fact that out of five hundred pictures taken at your wedding, only three or four dozen will be similar to those shown in the portfolio. After all, it contains the most beautiful pictures in the eyes of the photographer. It does not make sense to show mid-range photographs, since only the best photographs show the limit of the author’s artistic and technical capabilities. 

Of course, not all pictures turn out to be as successful as portfolio ones. However, when you set the bar high, the higher the average result will be. Therefore, a portfolio containing the best works shows the professional level of the artist. You should also understand that the photographer usually gives you 10-15 photos of very high quality, these are the best photos that he sends for processing to the wedding photos retouching service, and the rest of the photos are edited on his own in Photoshop, and are not always high quality. Therefore, it is recommended to discuss how many photos the photographer will send to a professional retoucher, and how many he will edit himself.

As for the preview, an image compressed for viewing on a monitor loses a huge amount of details. It also includes defects that will surely pop up on a paper print. Therefore, at the meeting, the photographer should show the A4 printed photo so that you can verify the quality of real prints.


Numerous wedding guests disperse the attention of the newlyweds, sometimes leaving no space for the photographer at all. The perfect wedding for a photographer is a celebration without guests, turned into a mere photo session. 

Nevertheless, since this is not possible, try not to ignore the photographer’s requests to step aside from your guests for a few minutes and pose for the camera. The more attention you pay to the shooting, the more likely you are to get a significant amount of quality photos.

Not only guests but also the photographer himself/herself can be intrusive. The main thing is not to make a scene. It is not in your interests. Try to agree on everything beforehand. Ask to pay attention to guests or apply only reportage style so that the photographer monitors from the side and is as invisible as possible.


You are the stars of the celebration. So, to pose for the camera is the stars’ job. And this is the most difficult challenge for newlyweds. Posing is hard work that requires concentration. If you put enough effort into producing an album, you will get better results. 

Therefore, get ready to pose and play for the camera: on the photographer’s request or at will, to be in one position for a few minutes and wait for the photographer to say, “Done!” What can possibly spoil your photoshoot? 

  • Perfunctory smiles;
  • Feigned and unnatural poses;
  • Excessive posturing;
  • Showing fake emotions.

Do research about the most popular and trending ideas for a wedding photoshoot. Then, try to imitate them in front of the mirror and choose the best options for you and your partner. This is it. You are doing great! Now, you can even share your photoshoot experience on some LinksManagement fashion blogs and sites. In addition, it can boost your already existing page’s traffic.

Try to improvise. Photographer’s ideas can be as original as you like, but if the model stands still, the expressiveness of the picture becomes minimal. Photography is a fragment of life. If there is no life, then it is just an image. Be yourself, laugh heartily, grimace, and have fun. The more natural your emotions, the better the photo you will get. Your goal is to reveal yourself as much as possible in front of the camera. It is not time for you to be shy.


Participate in photography, as a wedding photographer takes pictures of people, not objects. Taking part in the process, patience, and hard work will contribute to a successful outcome. To get an expressive shot it is not enough just to put the bride and groom in some poses or fit them into a beautiful background. This process requires constant photo presence and teamwork. However, do not think that you can neglect the scenery. Caribbean destination weddings would be a delightful complement to your photoshoot with their outstanding landscapes.

Share your wishes, give advice, offer your ideas, and feel free to express yourself. Trust the photographer completely and work with him/her. The well-known individual approach is impossible without work in contact.

Skill level

A constantly appearing positive result is a sign of professionalism. However, the same qualitative result is a sign of dullness. A real artist is creative. He/she looks for new perspectives, extraordinary ideas, and methods. Therefore, firstly, take a closer look at how original the photographer is in his creative expression, how different the pictures are. Secondly, not all experiments end successfully. So, some shots, being pretty nice, might simply not please you and will never be included in the wedding album.

Emotional state

As a rule, a photographer has no right to be moody during the photoshoot. He/she was paid money. Consequently, as a professional, a photographer must do a certain work with the utmost effort and creativity. However, do not forget that inspiration is an important resource for an artist. It is a vulnerable and sometimes elusive thing. And it is an inspiration that is the driving force behind original art. An artist is easy to offend, especially if his/her good reputation and high demand speak for themself. Therefore, try not to conflict with your photographer, at least during the wedding.

Professional wedding photographers do not just make money. They are your accomplices and helpers during the wedding. They are responsible and caring, proactive, and creative, with an exceptional drive and love for their work. And if you have found such a photographer, be sure that with even a little effort on your part your wedding album will be proudly placed in your house, in the most conspicuous place.

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