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“6-Month Wedding Workout Plan”

If it is your special day, you need everything to be the finest. You definitely don’t want to look back at your wedding photos in the future and regret anything. Be it the appearance of yourself or some version of yours that you just don’t like, at all.

Both men and women desire themselves to be in the perfect shape for their wedding. For that, you need to have a great plan and stick to it for straight 6 months. 

Following tips are just what you need to follow to get in shape right before your wedding.

Start with basic lifestyle changes.

Rather than starving yourselves, focus on a clean and healthy diet and completely eliminate the processed foods. You need to have a minimum of three servings of green leafy vegetables a day.

You should be drinking plenty of water. To determine exactly how much, you need to multiply the weight of your body by 2/3 that will be the amount you actually need. Not to forget the extra liters you will be needing after workouts.

Also, track the amount of nutrients in every food with the help of an app or so. Going all natural is definitely going to leave a healthy impact on your body and will ultimately lead to good appearance as well. 

If you are just starting out, try to roam around and get yourself used to walking more and more. Then, make yourself walk at least 12,000 steps per day. Although, it is quite hard to manage but, this particular habit maybe one of your best ally to your wedding weight loss. And that is all the motivation you need to carry on with it. 

Don’t ignore the benefits of a sound sleep. You need to get a good sleep routine as well if you are dedicated to meet your goals just in time. After a tiring workout, sleep allows your body the time to recover your strength, conserve the energy for the next day workout.   

Hit the gym!

It will be much easier for you to reach your goal if you just hit the gym rather than exercising at home. Keep in mind, that too much cardio workouts can lead to injuries so you need to be careful. It will be safe adding around 30 minutes of cardio to your routine. Or even better, ask your trainer to advise you according to your body. 

Commit to a number, let’s say 20 and do your day to day squats, push-ups, triceps dips etc. accordingly. Increase the number gradually so you can speed up your transformation too. 

When the time is near, start with yoga, it will help calming your body, relieving the stress leading up to your big day.

Assess yourself.

Last but not the least, assess yourself with each passing day or week or maybe month, whatever fits best for you. Knowing your progress every now and then, gives you the motivation you need to reach that mark before your wedding.

Take notes of your diet, your water intake, your daily workouts and improvise in your routine accordingly. 

You can also extend your plan and continue with it after your wedding!