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5 Ways To Plan Your Dream Wedding On A Budget

Brides all over the world plan their dream wedding from years. It is the day they look forward to since their childhood. They plan to have a gorgeous dress, sparkling ring, amazing decoration and best wishes quotes on fancy wedding cards. But let’s just face it; this whole planning process is overwhelming when it comes to sorting out every single detail. A dream wedding has always been perceived as a big and expensive event that costs you a fortune. However, it is not always true.

What if we tell you that you can plan your dream wedding on a budget without breaking your bank account? Yes, you heard it right. Planning a budget-friendly wedding is not a myth. It is actually doable. You just need a pinch of smartness and organization skills.

We have jotted down five amazing and useful ways that you can follow while planning your big day. By following these tips, you can make sure that your money gets spent where it counts. 

  • Set A Budget
  • Suitable Venue
  • The Right Dress
  • Save On The Decorations
  • Don’t Compete

Set A Budget

First thing first—- Set your budget and define a limit for it.

If you are going to pay for all the expenses of your wedding, then you must make a detailed budget for it. If you have any saving account, then it is the right time to use it. The best approach to employ while making a budget is to allocate an amount for everything. Setting a limit for venue, dress, ring, catering, cake and photographer will make your planning easier. In this way, you will have an idea where the money is to be paid. Moreover, a defined limit will keep you from exceeding it.

Suitable Venue

Always choose the venue wisely. You can only plan a budgeted wedding if you select the place correctly. You can save a lot of money by picking the right location. You will find many locations all over the country that are licensed and permitted to host wedding ceremonies. You can book such venues for your wedding. They are not only unique but are less expensive too when compared to other mainstream locations.

It is not necessary to book a place that is used by almost everyone. Why not discover new places and make your wedding memorable?

The Right Dress

Another aspect where you can save money is “The Dress.” An average wedding gown costs approximately $3500. However, if you want to stay within your budget then pick the right dress which is inexpensive and is not heavily embellished. A dream wedding is not about an expensive wedding dress with Swarovski crystals and diamond.

You can have this lifetime experience even in a less expensive gown. A plain and simple silk gown with less costly beads and lacing will equally make you feel beautiful. Spending all the money on the dress is not a wise decision. If you want to save money, then choose a simple yet elegant dress.

Save On the Decorations

The decoration is another aspect where you can save money. Again choosing the right location will also help you here. Try to pick a location which does not need any extra decoration. Choosing a venue with an in-built architecture would be a perfect idea. It has a life of its own and does not require any extensive décor. There are many hotels which provide all the necessary supplies for a wedding ceremony like tables, chairs, linen and dance floor.

Similarly, if you are thinking to use some flowers for decoration then do not choose dense greenery. Instead of expensive lilies and roses, you can use candles. They will not only create a huge impact but will save your money as well.

Don’t Compete

Lastly, the most important way of keeping your wedding on a budget is to stop competing. It is the biggest day of your life, not a race to win. You do not have to compete with your friends or relatives. It is not necessary that you have to do something better than them to get noticed. Spending more money might get you noticed and your wedding might become the talk of the town but eventually, you will suffer.

Just do everything in your own style. Be the real you and live every moment of your wedding. By keeping the event real, you and your guest will enjoy more. If you are creating more memories by spending less, nothing is better than that. What matters the most is that your wedding is “your wedding” by all means. Not a nasty display of wealth just to do something, nobody has ever done.

Hence, it is not impossible to plan your dream wedding on a budget. If you have som e useful strategies in your mind, then it is achievable. These are some of the ways that can help you in saving your money. So, are you going to try any of these tips? Do you think you have some other useful ideas as well? Share your views and suggestions in the comment section.

Image source: Via envato.com