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5 Tips on how to Write and Design Wedding Invitations

Not sure where to begin with your wedding invitations? The best possible step that you need to take is to start early because making them shine takes some time. In fact, many wedding planners and coordinators rightfully call writing invitations an art, which is true. Just think about it, wedding invitations:

  • Set the tone for the wedding
  • Provide critical information like the date, location, who’s getting married, etc.
  • Convey the dress code
  • Indicate whether the invited should respond to confirm the attendance
  • Help guests decide who to take to the wedding
  • Inform them how to get the right place at the right time.

Of course, this list is by no means exhaustive (added by $445, an average cost of invitations, you absolutely have to get them right), but these points should be enough to show that you should put a lot of thought into the wording and the design. So, hopefully, you have just enough time to make sure that your guests’ first peek into your wedding will be exactly the way you want. Let’s start with the writing. 

Wedding Invitation Writing Tips

1. Decide the Wording that sets the Event Tone

Setting the tone for the big day through the text style is a common practice these days. You can be either formal or casual, and convey your unique personalities to guests. 

Let’s consider a couple of examples. Below, find two examples, written in a casual style. 

Example #1: Sam and Mia Edelman invite you to celebrate the marriage of their daughter Samantha Iren to Jack Wilson.

Example #2: Samantha and Jack invite you to celebrate their marriage on Saturday, the 20th of June, 2020 at 3 pm at Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale. Dinner & Dancing to follow.

Here are some formal style messages:

Example #1: Mr. and Mrs. Brian Jameson Rowe request your presence at the marriage of their daughter Mia Wren to Mr. Samuel Alexander Wyatt. 

Example #2: Jenna Savage, daughter of Mr. Dan Savage and Irene Savage, and Darren Gostkowski, son of Mr. Chris Gostkowski, and Chelsea Gostkowski, request the honor of your presence at their wedding on the twentieth of June, two thousand and twenty at two o’clock at Four Seasons Hotel Scottsdale. Black tie required. 

Regardless of the style you prefer for your invitations, keep in mind that it should be an expression of your personal style. It should help the guests to understand the tone of the event.

2. Follow the Basic Template for Wedding Invitations

When it comes to writing your own invitations from scratch, the best bet is be simple. That’s why it’s recommended to use an easy-to-follow template:

________________ [bride’s full name]

and __________________ [groom’s full name] 

invite  __________________ [guest’s name] 

to celebrate their marriage

_________, the __ of ________ [day of the week, day and month]

at ____ [time]

___________________ [location of the ceremony]

_________, ____________ [city / town]

Dinner, dancing and merriment to follow.

Wedding website [if applicable]

As you can see, writing a wedding invitation is not that complicated. Use the template as a starting point and experiment to make it truly yours. 

“However, remember that a wedding invitation doesn’t include such information as street address if the location where the ceremony will take place is well-known,” says Sydney Pratt, a writing expert from TopWritersReview. “If you’re planning the wedding at a lesser-known location such as a private residence, then sharing the location details is a good idea.” 

Keep in mind that the above tips are here to serve as guidelines, so you should feel free to change them to reflect your personality and style. 

Wedding Invitation Design Tips

Now, let’s give you some tips to make your invitations gorgeous. 

3. Pick a Size and Shape

While the traditional shape of wedding invitation cards is rectangular, I strongly encourage you to take a look at different, modern options. Here’s an interesting one, for example. 

Image Source: Pinterest

As for the size, the 4.5 inch-by-6.25-inch is the standard size for wedding invitation cards in the U.S., but there are more interesting options to choose from. If you’re considering using an unconventional shape – scalloped, squared, circular, etc. – shapes, then the size will be different, and that’s totally okay if you think they look great.

4. Pick a Visual Theme

Again, the choice of themes is only limited to your imagination, but here’s what to keep in mind to make the best choice:

  • Spend a day or two looking at different visual themes and examples of invitation cards and try to pick one that has a color theme that is compatible with the wedding’s colors
  • White, cream, and ivory backgrounds with a gold or black font are a classic choice, but you can also make them more fresh-looking by playing with typography 
  • Calligraphy- and script-inspired fonts are a conventional choice for typography, so check them out first, but feel free to check others (just keep readability in mind). There are now thousands of digital fonts to choose from, so definitely take some time to see what’s available. Below is a great example of how a hand-drawn style font gives a modern twist to calligraphy and contributes to an amazing look.

Source: Pinterest

Settle on a visual style as soon as possible, and you’ll make the task of planning the wedding a lot easier as well as avoid unexpected design inconsistencies (for example, you can apply the style of wedding invitations to ceremony programs, escort cards, menus, thus creating a cohesive look). 

5. Keep the Invitations Clean and Readable

In addition to the above tips, we also have to follow these best design practices to ensure the best readability and clean design:

  • Don’t use more than two fonts. Limit your choice of fonts to a combination of two: one as accent lettering style and another one as the main lettering style. The most popular combinations include but are not limited to Great Vibes + Montserrat, Playfair Display + Montserrat Light, Josefina + Times New Roman, Flaemische Kanzleischrift + Copperplate, and Vidaloka + Lato
  • Avoid mentioning any pre- or post-wedding events. Doing so results in cluttering of your cards; besides, this is something that should not be mentioned on them. If you need to let the guests know about these events, make sure to create a separate card or a rehearsal dinner invitation
  • If in doubt, go with a classic design. If you can’t decide on the final design of the invitations or think that your version is a bit cluttered, remember that there are timeless designs that will always have an appeal. Take a look at them, maybe you’ll like something. 

Final Thoughts

Writing and designing your wedding invitations are a great opportunity to be creative and show off your personality. They’re tremendously important for the most special day in your life, so I’ll say it again that starting early is the best thing you can do to get them right. 

There are two more things to mention: first, while sending invitations anywhere between 8 and 2 weeks is a common practice that helps to ensure that everyone gets them, be sure to order extra. Chances are that you’ll need at least a few more because of mistakes while addressing or some envelopes might get lost by the post office.

And the second thing: have fun and appreciate every moment. Even such a small thing like a wedding invitation can help you remember about the most special day in your life, so make it great.