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5 Tips for Using Social Media on Your Wedding Day

The day you get married will be one of the most special moments in your lifetime. It is no surprise that you would like to share such beautiful moments and experiences through social media. This phenomenon we call social media can give a glimpse of your wedding to friends and family who can’t attend the wedding. All the posts you publish on social media will be yours to enjoy when you want to look back on that day. 

The troubling part is how to use social media on your wedding day? Being swamped by the busy schedule and overwhelmed with emotions will make it harder for you than usual to keep up with picture posting and sharing details. That is why the following tips will help you to perfectly intertwine social media and your dream wedding.

Tip #1: It is Your Big Day

There are some decisions that you need to make before your wedding day and one of them is what amount of social media exposure do you want.

Do you feel comfortable with everyone posting the pictures during the wedding? Do you want to be the one who’ll post the first picture? Or do you want everyone to have the freedom of posting whatever they want, whenever they want?

Once you’ve made the decision make sure that the news is spread. If you’ve decided on some limitations, let everyone know by sending them an email or posting in your wedding group, if you have one.

Keep in mind that it is your big day and you should have the social media exposure that you want.

Tip #2: Got to Privacy Settings

Even if you don’t mind people posting pictures about your wedding, you might want to consider who will see your photos and what tagged photos you like and dislike.

Privacy setting on social media allows you to choose the people who’ll be able to see your posts. So, if you only want to show some videos or images to the people you are close with, you can arrange that in the settings. 

For example, Instagram has a Close Friends option where you can add the people you want on this list and then share Stories only with them or send them messages. 

You can do a similar thing on Facebook. All you need to do is to select Close Friends option before you make a post and that post will only be visible to the chosen list of people. 

Facebook also allows you to make a selection of tagged photos which will be shown on your profile. In that way, you can prevent any unflattering pictures being available to all your Facebook friends.

Tip #3: Create Your Own Hashtag

A hashtag is a great way of creating a wedding collection of your photos online. If you want people to post pictures during and after the wedding, encourage them to use your hashtag.

When you enter the hashtag in social media browser you’ll be able to see all the pictures of your wedding day, taken from different angles and by different people in one beautiful collage.

Put the hashtag on wedding day stationery or to the wedding signage so that everyone can see it!

If you really want to take a professional approach to this, you can even cooperate with writing services like TrustMyPaper or browse through writing options on WritingJudge. The writer you cooperate with can think of a text that will invite the quests to use the hashtag and also help you to perfect your hashtag idea.

Once the content is crafted, you can create a personalized card on Canva and add it to each table for everyone to see. 

Tip #4: Use Social Media Stories

While you won’t have the time to do careful edits of the photos, you can use social media stories to share all the best moments!

Use Instagram or Facebook Stories and post images and videos instantly. 

“My favorite part about Stories is that they are so spontaneous and natural, especially when it comes to videos. Some of my most-loved moments in my wedding were captured and shared on Instagram Stories,” says Sarah McCaskey, a writer at Studicus and editor at GrabMyEssay. 

You’ll share the fun content with your friends who aren’t present so they can be a part of your wedding in some way. 

Besides that, all the Stories will be saves so you can look back to your event whenever you want. Add those Stories to Highlights and they’ll have a permanent place on your page. 

Tip #5: Have a Social Media Takeover

Social media takeovers are quite popular among celebrities and big brands, especially Instagram takeovers. Why not use this trend on your wedding day by adding your own twist to it.

If you don’t want to spend time on social media at all but you still want some memories to be saved there, ask your maid of honor or some of your best friends to take over your profile.

You can keep the Instagram feed to yourself and the person you pick can be in charge of Instagram and/or Facebook Stories.

Live videos are also really fun and entertaining, but you might not have the time to deal with it so your take-over person can cover it.

They can record and post Stories, sharing their own and other people’s impressions during the wedding. Since they’ll be using your profile, you’ll have everything saved in your personal collection.

The Ultimate Tip: Make Sure You Enjoy It!

This is your magical day and everything should be just the way you imagined it – including social media posts. Since social media made a strong mark in our life, it can be an interesting addition to your wedding day. You can play around with your hashtag, save every posted photo on these platforms, and instantly share the most special moments with your loved ones who are far away. 

Lastly. remember not to let other people’s thoughts and opinions influence your wedding plans. That is the day that is dedicated to yours and your partner’s love and it everything should be just the way you want it. Through every step of the way, make sure that you have fun and enjoy it!