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5 Easy Wedding Saving Tips

Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting time in a couple’s life, but it can also be one of the most stressful. Wedding costs can add up quickly and while creating your dream day can be a bit overwhelming, no matter what your budget is.

Through our experience at Elegant Bridal Productions, we’ve compiled a list of 10 wedding saving tips.

Create Escort Cards that Double as Favors

Escort cards are most often a necessity at receptions and favors are usually expected by the guests. Offer something that can serve as both, such as a cake pop with the tag with the name/table number details attached.

Candles, Candles and more Candles

Floral arrangements can be one of the highest expenses for a wedding, especially when you have a sizable venue and bridal party. Do not under estimate the power a few candles and cylinder vases can do! Rather than featuring large floral arrangements at each table, split this in half and at every other table create your own center piece utilizing a couple different size candles and cylinder vases. This creates a simple and very elegant look without a high cost (and you can reuse the vases in your home given how versatile these pieces are!)

 A New Twist on Dessert

There are a couple of different options couples can explore when planning for desserts at their wedding. If the idea of an impressive cake on display at your reception is part of your dream wedding but not your budget, see if your bakery would swap a few of the bottom layers for Styrofoam and hide a sheet cake in the back. No one at the party will know the difference, you can still hold the cake cutting in the room (just cut on of the middle layers and not the display). Couples are also going outside of the traditional cake and opting for cupcake displays, pasties, candy/ice cream bars – the options are endless! Have an honest conversation with your bakery and there may be something new that you will love even more than traditional cake that you haven’t thought of yet and will cost a lot less!

Be Smart when Shopping for Shoes

Yes, we understand that this is a once in a lifetime event and shoes are a favorite accessory amongst women. However, with most wedding dressing no one can see the beautiful shoes underneath, so why spend a fortune? More often brides are swapping out their expensive heals for flats/flip flops right after the first dance to get more comfortable. Save the extra money for your dress and accessories since those items will be in display at all times of the wedding.

Attend a Bridal Show

Not only do bridal shows and expos help with ideas and allow you to meet with your local vendors, there are also full of special deals, sales and prizes when you attend! This can range from honeymoon giveaways, vendor package upgrades, venue discounts, free tastings and lots of giveaways which can add up and save a significant amount from your bottom line. Make sure to visit our site to see when the next bridal show is near you and register to attend the event for free!