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How to Make Your Fall Wedding Extra Memorable for Your Guests

Did you know that 1 in 3 weddings take place during the fall? If you’re one of these couples planning your wedding to be fall-themed, there are many things to consider. Not only do you have to find your wedding dress, the venue, the cake, etc. but given how popular fall weddings are becoming, you also want to make sure that you make your wedding extra memorable for your guests. Keep reading on to find out both little and big ways to make your fall wedding an event to remember. 

Have Unique Guest Transportation

Is your reception in a different place from where the ceremony is being held? If you really want to set a unique tone to your wedding, have special transportation set up for all your guests. Instead of having your guests drive to the reception, set up group pedal tours, hot air balloons, or even scooters as modes of transport to the reception! Not only will this be a fun and unique way to set up high expectations for the actual reception itself, but it will also serve as a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most of your guests! 

Integrate Color into Unexpected Places

While we all expect and know that weddings are guaranteed to be colorful events, there are still ways that you can add even more color into your wedding that your guests won’t see coming. One way is by incorporating more color into your hair. If you want to achieve an edgy and colorful look for your wedding day, consider using a vibrant hair dye to help achieve a colorful bridal hairstyle. Another great way to fit in some extra hues is through your wedding dress. In recent times, it’s become more and more popular to have a colorful wedding dress instead of the traditional white. Whether you want light pink, red, black, or even just an off-white, there are numerous options for how you can fit color into your wedding dress. 

Give Out Useful Wedding Favors

Part of the fun with weddings isn’t only attending them but also getting wedding favors at the end of them. While many of the common wedding favors are things such as little bottles of alcohol or customized coasters, consider gifting your guests with favors that can be considered more useful. Giving out useful wedding favors will come in handy as not only will it be something your guests can utilize often but every time they do, they’ll think of your special occasion. These kinds of wedding favors can span from homemade soap to sunglasses to bottle openers. Whatever you choose, having useful wedding favors will show your guests your thoughtful and considerate side. 

Invite Your Musical Friends to Hit the Stage

Do you have guests attending that are musically inclined? If so, a fun way to spice up the wedding will be to have your guests perform at the reception. If you or your husband are part of a band, bring up the band to perform a couple songs altogether. If you have a couple of singers and musically talented people attending, have them do the same and perform a few songs as well. This will be a great way to get the crowd involved while also bringing added fun to the reception. 

First photo: Photo by Derek Thomson on Unsplash
Second photo: Photo by Thomas Curryer on Unsplash