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3 Steps To A Rustic Wedding, Without The Barn
By Kristin at King Ranch Saddle Shop

Rustic weddings are all the rage, and we don’t see them going away anytime soon. It’s fairly easy for newly-engaged couples to have a clear vision in their heads, but when it comes to putting the baby’s breath in the mason jar, so to speak, actually knowing how to make everything come together to create a woodsy dreamland isn’t always as simple as the dream would make it seem. So where should brides and grooms looking for a bucolic celebration start?

As venue experts, we want to zero in on some cornerstone elements in and around your location of choice that you can use to your rustic advantage. And no, your venue doesn’t need to be a barn! Here’s how you can still have your rustic wedding, even if your venue isn’t what you’d call countryside-chic.

The Wedding Table
Your wedding and guest tables are where the majority of your decor choices will shine. Think of it this way: they’ll easily take up at least 80% of your venue visually. But for the sake of brevity, let’s focus on the wedding table itself — the main table attraction, if you will. This element itself can be broken up into the following sub-elements:

  • The Runner — Think natural textures, like burlap, hessian, and even bark, all of which evoke the beauty of nature.

  • The Centerpieces — Generally, centerpieces consist of flowers in vases. Play around with what you use to put your flowers in. We love the look of using cowgirl boots. King Ranch is a reputable retailer with many styles of cowgirl boots that would work wonderfully. And bonus, these can then turn into the bride’s gifts to her bridesmaids at the end of the night! As for the flowers, use this guide to find seasonal blooms that fit your vision.

  • The Place Settings — The usual rules of tableware are all about matching, but for a more agrarian feel, don’t be afraid to mix more than match your china choices. This will give your decor a more vintage, farmhouse-eclectic feel. And bonus, you can source it from every-which-where, cheaply!

The Wardrobe
The other 20% of what people will immediately see is, well, other people! Use the opportunity to establish a dress code to your advantage and set the boundary between farmhand and farmer-chic, encouraging your guests to wear country-inspired (but still wedding appropriate) outfits. Examples include lace sundresses for women and textured vests for men. Just be sure to be specific about what is and isn’t allowed. Keep mud-stained shirts and jeans at home, please!

The Fare
Nothing says rustic countryside like fresh food from local farmers. Eat family-style with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables peppering the table, and craft a menu based around what’s in season. Try to incorporate colorful foods to really highlight the look of the season.

See? You can create the rustic wedding of your dreams by leveraging these 3 main elements, no barn required.