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3 Outdoor Venues Perfect for Saying “I Do”
By Erin at DIY Mama

If a ballroom wedding isn’t quite your style, why not share your wedding vows in a gorgeous outdoor setting instead? Not only do outdoor venues exude casual elegance, but your wedding photos will look phenomenal thanks to the amazing natural lighting. While outdoor wedding venues aren’t without their challenges, we think these three unique outdoor venues are perfect places to say “I do.”

A Backyard

The idea of a backyard wedding isn’t new. In fact, it’s a go-to for budget-conscious brides everywhere. But what we love most about backyard weddings isn’t their frugality, but how totally customizable they are. A backyard is a blank slate that you can adapt to nearly any bridal vision. Go barnyard chic with reclaimed barn wood and hay bale seating, channel pool-party vibes with tiki torches and tropical drinks, or coordinate an intimate evening affair with lush floral arrangements and string lights.

No matter the theme for your backyard wedding, you’ll need a striking backdrop for exchanging vows. A handcrafted arbor or pergola is the perfect option, and at a national average cost of $3,501, it’s much cheaper than renting the typical wedding venue. Plus, an arbor or pergola can be dressed up to match any wedding theme. For inspiration, check out these gorgeous wedding arch ideas from Martha Stewart Weddings.

A Vineyard

Is any wedding aisle more dramatic and classy than the long approach of a vineyard row? We don’t think so, and that’s why vineyards are one of our favorite places to host a wedding. (Of course, the delicious local wines don’t hurt!) Depending on how accustomed a vineyard is to hosting weddings, you may need to provide your own tents, seating, and portable restrooms, but it’s a small price to pay for the one-of-a-kind backdrop you’ll find at venues like these New Jersey vineyards.

If you do plan a vineyard wedding, just make sure your nuptials are scheduled for a time of year when the grapevines are green and full of life. Early summer through mid-fall is the prime time for a vineyard wedding, but dates vary by cultivar and region, so you’ll want to check with the particular vineyard you have in mind.

A Botanical Garden

For the classy bride with a green thumb, there’s no venue more fitting than a botanical garden. Filled to the brim with exotic and native greenery, a botanical garden will blow any ordinary floral arrangement out of the water. Plan your botanical garden wedding for a time when your favorite plants are in bloom, and you’ll have a jaw-dropping backdrop for wedding photos. (Don’t believe us? Check out these incredible photos at Style Me Pretty.)

Botanical gardens are a beautiful setting to celebrate your marriage, and they also offer benefits that other outdoor venues lack. For one, most gardens have both indoor and outdoor spaces, so you don’t have to sacrifice your dream wedding if rain hits. You can even plan your nuptials in the winter to transport your guests to summertime when it’s cold and snowy outside. Additionally, modern botanical gardens are generally handicap accessible, making them a great choice for brides who want an outdoor wedding that accommodates elderly and disabled guests.

Whether your budget is high or low, your style laid-back boho or sleek and modern, there’s an amazing outdoor wedding venue for you. If these don’t suit your tastes, why not consider getting married at an apple orchard, on a private estate, at a rustic cabin, or in front of a waterfall? When you get creative, you’ll discover there are countless possibilities for your outdoor wedding, each with its own unique romance.