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As we continue to progress through 2013, we have seen a new trend begin to develop amongst brides as they are planning for their wedding. There are many pieces to the unique puzzle that a bride and groom must put together to create their very own special day. Every personal touch, no matter how small, can make an immense impact and ingrain the lasting memory of your celebration on each of your guests and most importantly, the beloved couple.

We’ve had more and more brides inquire our preferred jewelers about creating a simple necklace to wear during the reception. These reception jewelry pieces will display the bride’s new initials and during the joyful occasion, honoring the union between the newly weds. This necklace is something that the bride and groom can have made themselves or a thoughtful gift the bridal party can give to the couple at the rehearsal dinner.

It may seem like a small detail but the wedding reception jewelry with the bride’s new initials is a piece that she may treasurer forever. Brides, grooms, bridesmaids – take note, as this may be that unique touch that ties all those special moments together at your wedding.