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14 Thoughts Every Bride Has During Wedding Planning

Having to plan your wedding comes with joy, but also with a lot of stress. You have to take care of a lot of details. The cake, the photographer, the wedding invitations and so on. Everything needs to be perfect, you do not get married every day.

When planning your wedding you begin to:

  • look for inspiration
  • choose a date and a venue
  • set a budget
  • book vendors.

Having so many details to take care of and narrowing of options comes with a lot of stress and anxiety-related thoughts. There are some thoughts that every bride has during wedding planning because everything must be perfect.

  1. What If It Will Rain?

If most of your wedding activities are happening outdoor, you have reasons to worry. However, there will be some photo sessions outdoors and you might think that if it is going to rain everything will be ruined. 

It is the most important day of your life, you cannot let bad weather ruin it. Artistic photos can be taken also on a rainy day.

  1. Dress Drama

Another thought that every bride has is about the dress. What if it won’t fit me? What if it does not look the same? What if I spill something on it? What if somebody steps on it and it will be dirty? What if it is too long? 

What if somebody rips it off on the dance floor? So many things could go wrong and the dress is the most important.

  1. What If Somebody Won’t Show Up?

Well, every bride has some key persons she needs to be there. But what if somebody won’t make it? 

Martha Stewart, a contributor to college-paper.org review and Ukwritings says that all brides are worried that a key guest will not make it to the wedding. Some of them are even worried that the groom will be late.

  1. What If the Groom Drinks Too Much?

It is not like the groom will stay in a corner and drink alone. He will be surrounded by family and friends. And when your best friend is having his wedding day, you should celebrate. 

Brides worry that the groomsmen and the groom’s guy friends will be so excited that they will drink a lot of alcohol. And who wants a drunk groom on their wedding day?

  1. What If the Guests Overdrink?

Alcohol is dangerous not only for the groom but also for other wedding guests. The wedding atmosphere is full of joy and everyone wants to party and celebrate the union of the new couple. Some people do not know their limits and end up being drunk. 

The bad thing is that some of them might be out of control and this can ruin a moment at the wedding party by making a scene.

  1. What If We Will Ruin the First Dance?

The dance of the bride and the groom is a tradition everyone appreciates. But dancing in front of an audience can come with a lot of anxiety and emotions. Brides often worry that they will forget the dance steps and that will be a complete failure.

  1. What If the Dancing Floor Will Be Empty?

After the first dance, all guests are invited to the dance floor. Of course, there will be moments of pause too. The worst fear a bride has is to see the dancing floor empty. 

The atmosphere will be awkward and no one will be partying. This is why you need to hire the best DJ in town to make the guests be on fire on the dancing floor.

  1. What If Guests Do Not Like the Food?

You have tasted it, you know you like it. But tastes are different and there is the possibility of guests considering it bad food. What will they think? John Cacioppo, blogger at essayedge review and australian assignment help says that you should not forget to have dish options for vegetarians.

  1. What If Guest Will Leave Early?

Having a wedding party and no guests can be depressing. This is one of the thoughts a bride has and it is among her deepest fears. 

What if guests won’t like the wedding and will leave early? Of course, this fear is both rational and irrational. Guests know how important is this day for you so they will party with you until morning.

  1. What If I Will Ruin the Walk Down the Aisle?

The walk down the aisle is a key moment in a wedding. All the eyes’ guests are on the bride. The walk should be elegant and gracious and everyone pays attention to every step. This puts a lot of pressure on the bride and can make her anxious.

  1. What If Somebody Will Give an Embarrassing Speech?

Speeches are an important part of a wedding, as people praise the love of the bride and groom. Speeches are usually given by best friends or family. But what if somebody will give an embarrassing speech? What if grandma wants to tell childhood stories about the bride?

  1. What If I Will Cry?

There is no problem with crying. Weddings are emotional events and shedding a tear or two is natural and normal. The problem could be with ugly crying, that moment when your face is black from the mascara. 

That moment might make you look more depressed than happy. The solution is to use waterproof makeup to prevent your mascara run down your face.

  1. What If Somebody Will Try to Steal My Thunder?

This is a thought that every bride has. On the wedding day, the eyes are on the bride. But what if you have an invitee who tries to steal your thunder? This means that she might come with a more spectacular dress, and even more expensive than your wedding dress. Or she might just steal the dance floor.

  1. What If the Waiters Drop the Wedding Cake?

One of the most important moments of a wedding is when the wedding cake is brought to the party and the bride and groom cut the first slice of cake. But what if the waiters drop the cake while carrying it?


There are a lot of things that can go wrong, but keeping an optimistic view of the future will help you maintain your calm during wedding planning.

Author Bio: Scott Mathews is a daily contributor at the best paper writing services and offers resume help. He loves topics like Psychology, soft skills and History. He loves nature, walks in the park and hiking. Scott helps people overcome their anxiety and the fears and has worked mostly with brides and grooms.