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14 Awesome Bachelorette Party Decoration Ideas

Throwing a bachelorette party is so much more than simply gathering up your friends and cousins so that you can have a nice time.

It’s a celebration of friendship and a way to show the bride-to-be how happy everybody is for her. And that’s why the decoration has to be dazzling and totally instagrammable. Here are a couple of awesome ideas.

1. Classic black and blue

This colour combination is common for bachelorette parties but it’s still amazing. It goes great with most venues and it’s easy to incorporate in the outfit, the invitations, and decorations. For example, you can go full black and purple balloons, ask the guests to wear black cocktail dresses while the chocolate-filled cupcakes can have purple frosting. Magical and simple at the same time.

2. Balloon craze

Balloons are very common at most parties but they are what brings joy into space, so be generous with them. You can opt for just a one-color scheme and fill the room with them, creating a unique effect. Basic latex balloons will do the trick.

On the other hand, you can bring it up a notch and get specifically designed mylar balloons for an extraordinary effect. Alternatively, balloons filled with gold confetti will look beautiful but will also create a lot of laughter when some of them pop.

3. Blow-up ring

In addition to regular balloons, a bachelorette party can’t go without a huge balloon diamond ring. No other occasion will justify having this item at the party but the engagement needs to be symbolically represented.

4. Hanging lights

Hanging lights are so festive, wouldn’t you agree? It doesn’t matter which type you opt for, they will still look lovely. It’s the easiest to put up string lights or fairy lights around the venue. You can also go with the less common alternative – placing lanterns on the desks and in prominent areas. If you invest in outdoor lighting, too, it will not only pay off for the bachelorette party but for all the other parties to come.

5. Banners as photo backdrops

A special banner made specifically for this occasion needs to be ordered ahead of time. Whether it’s the usual “Bride to be” banner or a personal message for the bride, the banner will be a great backdrop for photos of the bride with her guests.

6. Flower power

Flowers are the most feminine item there is, so don’t even think about not including them in decorations. There are tons of ways of using flowers to decorate space but the first step would be to consider using the bride’s favourite ones. If their favourites are too complicated to be added to the decorations, then opt for those that come in colours that suit the venue best. Make it simple for you and order flower delivery straight to the venue so that flowers stay in the best shape possible.

7. Party cups

You need something to drink all that booze from, so take the party to the next level with customized party cups. You could have custom shot glasses or even personalized stemless wine glasses with a cute message or even the date. Mason jars are also hugely popular, whether they are used for ice tea, mixed drinks or mimosas. They come in various colours and with different positive messages and will definitely be liked by the guests. That way, each guest can take a glass or a mason jar with them as a reminder of a great evening.

8. Props for photo booth

Setting up a photo booth for a bachelorette party is pretty simple. You just need to stock on props and decorations that the guests can use, and add a banner in the background. Space needs to be lovely, too, so it would be great if you could set it up outside. Some photo booth prop kits come with cutout designs together with sticks and glue dots. You simply pack them up and bring them to the destination where you can put them together.

9. Festive disposable tablecloths

If everything is going according to the plan, some guests will probably unintentionally spill their drinks on the table. Disposable tablecloths are the simplest solution for this, and they also come in festive colours and patterns, making themselves a decorative addition to the venue.

10. Party plates

You’ll probably include dinner into the party, so custom plates would be yet another practical and decorative solution. There are many designs to browse from and it won’t be a problem to find one that matches your party theme.

11. Matching outfits

It’s a well-known tradition that the bride and her guests should wear matching outfits. Most of the time, the bride’s outfit slightly differs from others to make it more noticeable who the lucky girl is. You can order matching T-shirts where every T-shirt has a different message or you can even surprise them all by ordering robes for an evening of pure pampering and indulgence. As a bonus, your group photos will look awesome.

12. Party napkins

You want to help your guests to stay mess-free but add a little fun to it by adding personalized napkins. They will add to the overall decor and will also look great next to a bottle of champagne or places around the tables.

13. Fun wine labels

Bottles of expensive wine are lovely to look at but make them more unique by putting fun labels on them. Messages like “Drunk with love” will definitely put a smile on the bride’s face while she’s pouring herself another glass of wine.

14. Confetti rings

Confetti rings may well be the easiest decorative items of all. When you’ve laid down the tablecloth, sprinkle this festive confetti on the top of it. Or it can even be gold glitter engagement rings. It will instantly make the whole table pop up and scream “Party!”.

All in all

A bachelorette party can be as crazy, elegant or cute as you want it to be. The decorations are what gives the tone of the event, so make sure each one of the decorative items above does its part for a wonderful night.