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10 Wedding Send-Off Ideas 

Celebrate the end of your wedding day and the start of your newlywed life with an exciting wedding send-off. This tradition has been going on for centuries and continues to evolve creatively over time. 

Your wedding send-off may be the last time you have your wedding guests together in one place so it’s definitely a magical moment for you and your spouse 

Check out 10 of our favorite wedding send-off ideas below! 

1. Light sparklers: Sparks are flying at your wedding ceremony and reception, so let them keep glowing as you make your exit. This beautiful send-off also creates a picture-perfect moment for your photographer to capture.

  1. Throw confetti: Another classic send-off is a confetti toss. You can get creative with this exit by mixing in different colors and confetti sizes. 
  2. Toss feathers: Have guests toss feathers into the air for an exit that is glamorous, delicate, and reminiscent of the 1920s Gatsby era.
  3. Release sky lanterns: Release lanterns into the night sky for a stunning aerial display. Make sure to check with your venue before you purchase the supplies. 
  4. Wave ribbon wands: This easy DIY creates an exit with no cleanup. You can make the wands in any color you want and dress it up further with bells that ring as they stream. 
  5. Release butterflies: Create a moment as fluttering as your heart by releasing butterflies during your send-off. This is also a great way to honor lost loved ones.
  6. Light LED balloons: Dress up a normal balloon display with LED balloons that light up the night. Have guests hold the balloons that glow in the dark as you make your way towards your getaway car. 
  7. Throw paper airplanes: Celebrate a lifetime of adventures with a paper airplane toss. Your guests will help you start your greatest journey yet with this symbolic gesture. 
  8. Blow bubbles: Have your guests blow bubbles of love and well wishes 

 This ethereal wedding send-off display has your guests blow bubbles full of love and well wishes as you and your partner ride off into the sunset.

  1. 10. Toss faux snow: If you are having a winter wedding consider having guests toss faux snow in the air. You can make snow using dried mash potato flakes. 

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